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  1. ItzJessI3itch

    ItzJessI3itch Banned

    A few days ago I got some tapers and went from a 14g to an 8g... I know it prolly wasn't a good idea to go ahead and do the jump all at once... and I've had a little problem with bleeding... but it's 3 days later and the swealing and everthing is going away and there's normal healing going on with the "crust" and stuff like a normal pericing...

    But what I was wondering was how long does something like that take to heal?
  2. benotfree

    benotfree Member

    Well healing is different between each person. I've been stretching my ears for 6 years and now I'm up to 9/16ths, my ears take about 3-4 weeks to heal from a 1 gauge stretch, but the way you rushed it I'd treat it like a new piercing and not stretch for 6 weeks.

    Considering that you know that it was a bad idea I'll just say this, a guy who works at the tattoo shop my boyfriend works at rushed all his stretching and his ear snapped in two, it's important that you take it slowly so the blood circulation is ruined.

    Aside from pictures!
  3. yes, treat it like a fresh piercing. dont go so fast! your ears should not bleed when you stretch
  4. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    a touch OT, but you folks will know this:
    why is it not a great idea to stretch with acrylic?
    sterilization problems or what?

    as for the healing, I did a dumb jump with one skipped size and the difference was about a week of extra healing time.
  5. stormyy

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    Acrylic is a shitty material for body jewelry in general. It cannot be autoclaved, it scratches easily and is believed to leach chemicals with extended wear. It tends to irritate the skin.

    To heal your them, do sea salt soaks 2x a day, be nice to them and don't pick at the crusties. IMO you went waaaay to fast, and you will probably end up with scar tissue that will make stretching harder down the road.
  6. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    *shrug* I've always dug acrylic. Good and cheap and never given me problems.

    And you're an idiot for stretching so fast. You definitely tore it and you're gonna have some gnarly scarring.
  7. i agree with stormyy about the acrylic. im big into natural materials but i have stretched with acrylic. i dont see anything wrong with stretching with it or using it for tapers but i wouldnt like to keep it in my ears. of course if you stretch too fast like our OP and bleed all the little organisms that are probably living on on the jewellery may fuck you up ;)....also, i dont really like the way it looks, just not me :)
  8. ItzJessI3itch

    ItzJessI3itch Banned

    I was told I was supposed to... i used tapers and since the O rings obviously wouldn't stay on the smaller part over night and would fall out I done what someone else told me... They're fine now. It was just the one that bled a little when I done it.... but I really wasn't planning on going much bigger. i just wasn't sure on what was normal for that type of thing. I figured it would be like a peircing and i've had a enought to know what to do if something did happen.

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