Strangest place you've masturbated

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by chinadoll, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. chinadoll

    chinadoll Member

    What are some of the strangest places you've masturbated? A few that make the top of my list are in a van full of people, at work (in the bathroom and the darkroom), and in the back of the classroom in school only using the seam of my jeans. :D
  2. Transcendent

    Transcendent Member

    My english classroom, I had to sit at the front with my desk touching the teachers. I had a hot girl next to me and the teacher was pretty hot too, so I discreetly wacked one out.
  3. WmAC

    WmAC Member

    Funeral home, during a wake. Hey, the widow is hot...
  4. SunnyDays

    SunnyDays Member

    The bathroom at my orthodontists office.
  5. tribfan

    tribfan Member

    on the top floor of a double-deck bus :)
  6. nicnic

    nicnic Banned

    at work in the bathoom
  7. Xiaoyan

    Xiaoyan Member

    I guess the strangest place I've done it is in the public shower, surrounded by other girls, soaping myself up, and pretending to just be washing myself. I saw a few other girls who were obviously doing that, too, and one when she was drying herself.

    I pretended I was sneezing or coughing when I came so people wouldn't catch on to what I was doing. Sometimes I was so turned on by seeing the other girls/women naked that I couldn't stand it and had to relieve myself.
  8. WmAC

    WmAC Member

    I also had wonderful sex INSIDE a casket in a funeral home.

    See a pattern?
  9. tribfan

    tribfan Member

    ... they were alive - right ?

  10. WmAC

    WmAC Member

    At least they were still warm...
  11. maskedHero

    maskedHero Member

    wow in a van full of ppl? thats impressive, and also poses a few questions, if you dont

    how many ppl and were they aware of your solo road trip adventure??
  12. 311x

    311x Member

    lol hot tub in cayman islands
  13. chinadoll

    chinadoll Member

    Let's see....there were 9 people in the van besides myself. I had the whole first bench seat to myself and everyone else was behind me. The driver and passenger were busy on the GPS. It was dark. I didn't know anyone and I needed to do my thing. lol :wink: No one suspected a thing.

  14. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    damn dude i just need to mastubate in way more conspicuous places!
  15. Juan Kerr

    Juan Kerr Member

    Hotel car park!!! - Not really a strange place but a strange situation. Waiting in the car for a female co-worker to check out of the hotel an involuntary hard on came up. Don't get me wrong we didn't share a room and THIS co-worker was the last thing on my mind.

    While looking around cautiously I couldn't help twiddling my bellend through my jeans. A twang too many on my banjo string sent me over the edge just as my coworker was exiting the hotel. With no time to do anything about it I had to drive 140 miles with 3 days worth in my pants. What was strange is that my coworker became flirty and at times a little suggestive during the trip, I laughed it off but often wondered afterwards if she sensed something.
  16. ACQD139F83J

    ACQD139F83J Member

    Train between stations (pants at ankles) or room full of male school friends all sleeping...
  17. curious78

    curious78 Member

    along the highway at night with a big dildo in my ass...
  18. steve94112

    steve94112 Member

    I've masturbated in an elevator, public restrooms, parked in my car, out in the woods
  19. scarynickname

    scarynickname Wanderer

  20. MadEyeMoody

    MadEyeMoody Member

    a class room the aticc a female schoolfriends room on a balcony don't remember any more :D

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