strain that grows small and compact

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding and Seed Strains' started by zachsb, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. zachsb

    zachsb Member

    does anyone know of a small/compact strain thats easy to grow? preferrably a sativa, or predominantly sativa...k thanks
  2. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    I just grew some blue mountain jamaican thats about 50/50, I kept it under 2 feet tall, yields were shit but pretty much any plant you can keep under 3 feet if you flower early enough and choose the right container/training system.

    Sativas naturally grow bigger so growing a pure sativa indoors is going to give you low yields if you keep it small.
  3. zachsb

    zachsb Member about white widow? I heard the biggest that gets is about 3 ft
  4. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    Well if you want some really small ones, you could always just grow some lowryders.
  5. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    White Widow, NL, they stay pretty short. Any marijuana plant you can tailor to your situation but WW and NL provide good yields for the size.
  6. DepTh

    DepTh Member



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