Straight/Bi Guys who like ass play or anal penetration...get in here...dont be shy

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by FadeMost, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. FadeMost

    FadeMost Guest

    Ive always considered myself to be straight. In my childhood I became enthralled with hustler and playboy magazines that I managed to acquire somehow. I would read the stories and memorize the pictures. I was probably 6 or 7 years old. It was around the same time I discovered that I enjoyed anal stimulation. Before I even knew what a dildo was I was coming up with very creative things to put up my ass. It got to the point that I would look forward to being able to pleasure myself anally after school. Mind you I was not yet able to have a real ejaculatory orgasm at that point in life yet.
    I have never been interested in men. I have always lived a straight life, in that I have never dated a man or been interested in any kind of relationship with a man. My girlfriends have all been beautiful and I have always had lots of women in my life. I love women. They are beautiful. Men are not beautiful like women. I can appreciate a good looking guy but in no way do I enjoy the thought of kissing a man, holding hands with a man, going on a date with a man, sharing a life with a man, etc. In fact, I love my current girlfriend of 3 years with all my heart and soul and I could never ever imagine having the type of feelings I have for her, for any man in the world!

    Heres the point. Over the years I did some experimenting. I would have my girlfriends finger me, lick me or use a toy on me. I came to love the sensation I got from using a cock shaped dildo in my ass so much, that I knew I would have to enjoy the real thing even more...Right? When I was 18 I decided to take my first real cock and it was unlike anything i had ever experienced. The pleasure was indescribable. I was instantly hooked. The first time I got fucked I had a prostate orgasm and lost all control of my body while I was cumming. It was the best O of my life. Never forget it.

    So I love women. I love having sex with women. I have had many meaningful relationships with women throughout my life. Im not attracted to men. I have no desire to be with a man. I just happen to LOVE having my ass fucked by a real cock and I am not afraid to admit it. But don't ask me to kiss a man because that's just disgusting.

    Im wondering what your experiences are with this topic. Any guys out there who are secretly into taking it up the butt and also live a straight life, have a girlfriend, etc? Would you consider me straight, gay, or bi? When did you figure out you liked or disliked ass play? Lately I have been thinking I might be considered bi, but I am not attracted to men in the way I'm attracted to women. Please be chill about this subject, no need to judge.
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Maybe you just like your butt getting some sort of extra pleasure / attention & your not bi gay, just enjoying extra benefits you can get doing it for the thrill of it - maybe?
    It would feel a bit unusual having another guy penetrate you than just using a sex toy.If you dont like guys in the same way you like woman, you are just curious with your desires in the ways you enjoy the most.
    Yes , I have been curious sometimes to know how it would feel to have another guy give me anal but I'm not gay.
  3. as1st

    as1st Guest

    I started masturbating my ass at 16yo. It wasn't feeling good at first probably due to my skill and I stopped it for years. When I got back for it, it felt damn good that I achieved an intense orgasm. I've never got back to that climax anymore after that but anal became a nice thing to do since then. I do fantasise to get a real cock in my ass sometimes but I'm not attracted to men at all.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Le Sigh...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  5. cman

    cman Member

    i'm like u i don't care 4 men n that romance type way when it comes 2 the kissing, snuggling, & romancing but i do hav my curiosoties, i guess it started 4 me when i was round 12-14. don't really no why but i allowed a guy 2 top me twice & went down on one but couldn't tell ya exactly if i sucked til he cum or just jerked him off then licked his cum but women hav ben my choice 4 years ut i guess the guys were older from my rememberance like 16-18 & used the "its fun, your parents do it " persuassion. it felt good from my rememberance but that was the one & only time but being older now i'm craving a guy fill me up & unload n me like crazy. i no it might sound little crazy saying i did that considerin i was young but its true. since i have used a couple homade toys 2 pleasure myself, the best is a handle off a broom that is nice, long, & rounded well.
  6. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Present. But the OP is tldr, until I get back from work, maybe.
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  7. Revenant79

    Revenant79 Member

    Difference between pleasure & physical attraction. Sorry OP; you're no fairy, you're just a hedonist. ^_^
  8. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    It sounds like you're describing me as well.

    I subscribe to the view that there is no such thing as Gay or Straight, but varying degrees of Bi. Personally I consider myself to be around 75% Straight, meaning that although I prefer sex with women, I also enjoy it with men. However, when it comes to having sex with men, that's purely a physical thing - romance could never enter into it.
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  9. Touch of Eros

    Touch of Eros Member

    I don't think what you're describing is all that unusual, really. Anal sex feels good, end of story. I've never been with a guy, and my current girlfriend and I have been together 3+ years, and seem good for another 60+, so I likely never will be. However, I would have tried it if I had had the chance. I'm definitely much straighter than gay, though.

    BUT. I don't think I could ever have sex with a guy just for the sensation. That, to me, is too much like using a person as a sex toy. I've got to have something more than just physical pleasure to enjoy sex...
  10. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Yes, I like using items on myself for anal play. Not that enjoyable thou if poop comes out on them & causes a bit of smell. But anal play is one thing I only do when I'm alone & have plenty of time to do it. It's a bigger turn on to use a mirror to see the items going in & out & the bigger the item, the more I get turned on too.
    3 - 4 cm in thickness are the largest items I have inserted so far.
    I just take plenty of patience to get them in & no pain occurs if plenty of lube is used on them first & reapplied occassionally.
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  11. Touch of Eros

    Touch of Eros Member

    Yeah, it's definitely a good idea to wait until you've gotten the poop out...
  12. skirk

    skirk Member

    I absolutely love anal play.It always makes me cum like a train.Far too quickly sometimes.

    I have also found myself becoming more and more curious.Thinking about MMF etc.Or being dom'd by a male and female.
  13. Btownguy

    Btownguy Guest

    I enjoy having my ass fingered and fucked, both my women with strap ons and by men. I describe myself as being bent, not straight but not gay.
  14. Reeylet

    Reeylet Guest

    I feel exactly the same as you friend, & it's a very recent discovery I've made. I'm a 19 year old straight guy, but I enjoy the thought of gay sex & anal penetration. I also like images that represent male horiness, like a erect penis, I don't 'fancy' it but instead I'd say I 'appreciate' it. With women however, I fancy them loads, I love everything about them. Nothing better in this world than a nice smelling pretty brunette, with a lovely ass & nice thighs. However, I have my 'gay' side & it's the most bizarre thing, I've considered the thought I'm bi but I simply just don't fancy men in the slightest, end of. I've read from research that many gay guys like the thought of sex with a straight guy, well I'd like to be that straight guy.
  15. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Stop thinking of yourself as 'Straight' wth 'Gay' thoughts. Try thinking of yourself as 'Bi', with a percentage figure leaning one way or the other. It makes far more sense & easier to accept.
  16. benzocoop

    benzocoop Member

    The thought of it is awesome, and a recent hookup kinda snuck it in back there. I was reluctant at first, but I have to admit it was pretty hot. I wanted more, and I still do.
  17. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member HipForums Supporter

    even being bi I adore being fucked and anal play but being fucked by a live cock is the best. much better than any dildo or strap-on. And getting the position right in conjunction with the guys cock - upward/downward curve etc. - just right so you get maximum sensation from the prostate.

    My first m2m experience was bottoming for a big West African guy when I was 19 but I only really discovered the delights of getting fucked in the last five years - lot of catching up to do :)

    Simon :sunny:
  18. hitman73

    hitman73 Member

    I am straight as an arrow and i like my wife to penetrate my butt. I also do it to myself when masturbating if i have the time.
  19. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Try & make time so you have plenty of it for just pleasuring yourself without getting interrupted by phone calls etc . Lock the door & turn off the phone.
  20. johnnycastle

    johnnycastle Guest

    Since I was a teenager I was interested in anal play but only within the last 6-7 years (I'm 32) I started playing. While in a relationship with my last girlfriend I kept this pleasure to myself, bought all sorts of toys for anal play and only used it on myself while masturbating and hid the stuff while she was around. I never opened up to her about my love for anal play.

    My girlfriend after that (now my wife) is a way more sexual person and from the very beginning we loved to try out all sorts of new stuff. We at least try nearly everything and if we or one of us don't like it we let it be and move on.

    Because she is a very opened minded person I opened up to her about my love for anal play pretty soon. We started with simple fingering, then using plugs and now we're proud owners of a well crafted strap-on with two plugs inside for her pleasure and interchangeable dongs on the front for me.

    As we used the strap-on the very first time I was very unsure about how I am going to like presenting my ass to her and actually getting fucked. Unsure about if she enjoys seeing me in a submissive position and stuffing something in me that is supposed to be a cock.

    What can I say? She was so aroused by having the upper hand, started talking very dirty and enjoyed fucking me. And I enjoyed it, too. A LOT! We both came hard found a new bed game. One more reason to love her. :2thumbsup:

    Have I ever thought about having a real dick inside me? Sure I did. And the thought of it is very arousing. But I do not like everything else that comes with a dick. I do not want to get sensual with another man or kiss him etc. The thought of it kills my arousal for the actual ass dicking.

    I'm not offended or scared by gays or so called "gay acts" in any way. It's just not my interest to be with another man .. and if the man (obviously) comes with the real dick then I guess it's never going to happen.

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