Story of one shitty night

Discussion in 'Busted!' started by Lakota, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Lakota

    Lakota Member

    well it all started out with me and like 5 different people pitchin 20 bucks in each for my buddies birthday, we got him the sweetest bubbler EVER. had fingerholes and everything. so he then bought himself a pellet gun. 2 days later, we are shooting the pellet gun off in a construction site, nobody is anywhere close to it. cops came must have been called, search buddies bag and find his sweet ass bubbler and smash the fuckin thing. they took me home in a cop car which is wack and gave me 65 bucks tresspassing, my parents have no clue i smoke weed, but ive told them ive done it once. never been caught. i'm a sneaky one
  2. Sezzy

    Sezzy Member

    ahhhhhhgggg that sux... the poor bubbler...
  3. Lakota

    Lakota Member

    I Had'nt Even Had The Chance To Hit It
  4. CreamPuffWar

    CreamPuffWar Member

    Was it resinated? I would imagine they are obligated by law to return it to you if it has not been used (although that's not a possiblity now).
  5. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    did he talk to your parents?
  6. SagaciousKJB2

    SagaciousKJB2 Member

    At least it was only $20. From the sounds of it, it could've been priced at like $80
  7. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    that sucks. i hate it when shit like that happens
    r.i.p bubbler
  8. Lakota

    Lakota Member

    no he didnt say anything to my rents about drugs
  9. OstrOsized

    OstrOsized Member

    He said it was him and 5 other people pitching in $20 so it could of been worth up to $120.

    Man, that really sucks. But at least you're still off the hook for drugs.
  10. Those fucking cops
  11. Becki

    Becki Member

    i would've asked the cops to smoke out of it first before breaking it.
  12. SpcdCwby

    SpcdCwby Member

    Funny how they get off on ruining other people's shit who aren't hurting anyone, but yet most of them drink beer or booze every day. Maybe we should be able to bust the tap off their keg.

    For them not to find any resin in the pipe and smash it could be fought in court. As far as they know, you were going to smoke some great turkish tobaccy from the thing. Fucking pigs, like bullies on the playground... Oh yeah, wait, they basically are. Just new set of rules to play by. You can't hit back anymore. Fuckers

    Best wishes all.
  13. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    Yeah well, piggies gotta feel tough somehow...and what way is better than smashing some dude's bubbler?
  14. Iadf

    Iadf Member

    Wow that sucks,knowing me i probely would've punched his face i've never been one to worry about consequences lol.
  15. EnterTheFarside

    EnterTheFarside the cats pajamas

  16. ReeferQueen

    ReeferQueen Member

    I hate pigs,, ruin everything.. poor bubbler,, sounded sweet

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