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    ……. A New Year of campaigns begins:-

    In the New Year there are some big national events coming up, as well as our regular meetings and local events.

    Ø January 11th – HSTWC meeting - “Arsenals of Hypocrisy” video

    Ø February 12th – STWC conference, London

    Ø February 15th – Day of Action against Iraq war, with events in Huddersfield

    Ø February 26th – Concert for Palestine – LBT theatre, Huddersfield

    Ø March 19th – Second Anniversary of start of Iraq war – Demo in London

    Ø March 24-27th – International anti-war / anti-globalisation conference. Cairo

    Ø May 5th – Likely date for General Election – Vote No to War.

    Huddersfield Stop the War Coalition – Meetings / Events

    HSTWC has regular monthly organising meetings, on the first Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall at 7pm.

    The January Meeting will be a week later than normal (January 11th). We will be showing the video “Arsenals of Hypocrisy” , with an introduction by Neil Kingsworth (Yorkshire CND).

    For meetings later in the year, other speakers are planned including Michael Lafayette (RESPECT councillor from Preston), and Helen John (from the Menwith Hill Women’s Peace Camp).

    Concert For Palestine

    In February 2005, HSTWC will be presenting a Concert for Palestine at the LBT Cellar Theatre, with
    The Gilad Atzmon Quartet

    26th February at 8pm

    Gilad is an exciting jazz saxophonist with an international reputation. His CD (Exile) won Album of the Year awards from Time Out and the BBC.
    He is also a secular Israeli Jew who has witnessed the suffering of the Palestinians and is part of the political opposition to it.

    We have organised this concert to raise awareness about Palestine in Huddersfield.

    Tickets can only be bought from the LBT Box Office (£14 / £12 concessions). We advise you to buy soon, to avoid the disappointment of missing it. The LBT have already sold over half the 120 seats that are available.

    For more information about the Stop the War Coalition contact:

    Huddersfield STWC email

    Tel: 01484 846183 or 07903 167517 PO Box 635 Huddersfield

    National Stop the War Coalition

    website @ email
    Tel 020 7278 6694 27 Britannia Street, London WC1X 9JP


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