Stop the spin. hahah

Discussion in 'The Environment' started by WhisperingWoods, May 29, 2007.

  1. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Yes, there exists a group of people who believe that stopping the spin of the earth is beneficial. They actually attempt to stop/slow the spin with SUVs and busses.

    If they really took everything into consideration, wouldn't they realize that to stop the spin of the earth means to prolong the length of the day.. which would effectively kill a hellova lot of vegetation.
  2. Pronatalist

    Pronatalist Banned

    Put them in the same looney category as the "environmental" extremists, the UFO freaks, the libtards, and oh yeah, the athiests.

    But wouldn't it be nice if we could easily put the kenetic energy of the spinning earth, to productive use? It probably would take a very long time to run it down.

    But wouldn't the real estate values on the always-sunny-side of the earth, soar, while the dark and cold side plummets?

    Aha! It's yet another conspiracy/real estate scam?

    But I could accept a non-spinning earth in return for finally abolishing the unjust income taxes. April 15th--Buy Nothing Day could never come around again, nor could anything ever expire, since it would be but one long endless day?
  3. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    It would stop air and water currents; things would be taken over by simple organisms that can cope with these conditions; namely bacteria, causing everything to rot and die, alot of methane to be released, even greater global warming...

    lotsa crap would happen, there are alot of mad people out there. there's some other loons trying to build an elevator into space using carbon nano-tubes (magic for the 21st century)
  4. austin69

    austin69 Member

    oh my
    those people are strange!
  5. norajean

    norajean Member

    Thats just wierd.
  6. Where do athiests come in here?
  7. Pronatalist

    Pronatalist Banned

    There's but only 2 religions in the world, when you come to think of it. Truth and error. Wrong is wrong. Athiests are wrong. Enviro-nuts who don't even consider the needs of people, are wrong. Wrong is wrong. Same category then.

    And athiesm is the "foundation" for quite a lot of the abuses throughout the world. If there is no God to punish sin, then who's to say whether anything at all be "wrong?"

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