Stoners & Hippies in Kennesaw/ATL

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by paxandlove, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. paxandlove

    paxandlove Member

  2. paxandlove

    paxandlove Member

  3. dinosaur jr

    dinosaur jr Member

    im in savannah for school :)
  4. heyyyyy i wanna go to savannah. i lived there 2 summers ago and i miss it.
  5. CaliQueen

    CaliQueen Member

    U guys smoke the ganja?? In GA???
  6. Guruu

    Guruu Guest

    I live in ATL right now for school. I climb in kennesaw a lot though. And ya man we smoke in GA.
  7. ExCalnowGA

    ExCalnowGA Member

    Hi from Kennesaw, I am old time California, but been away for awhile, missing the old life and would like to reconnect with some...can someone help?
  8. Haden

    Haden Member

    Hey I live in canton any chill people wanna hang

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