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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SillyGreenMeep, May 23, 2007.

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    nobody really understands how I feel to be.
    I have lost all ambition. I only see the pointlessness,
    yet I struggle with my conscience,
    over how to spend my time,
    to give my life for the reprieve of so many lives:
    Is it wise to fight the nature of the beast?
    or should I lay low roll with the flow
    and watch all the clowns on the street
    trying to prove something to themselves,
    hell is where I feel I'll see them next time around
    when again I'm writing something like this.
    Women shall feel sorrow 10 times more deeply.
    What have I done previously to come back in a world
    where speaking is a struggle for the kind of gal I am,
    where I'm silenced by circumstance, not chance,
    I'm bound in chains made of my own body,
    but was the judgment just, I never chose to be born into breasts
    I don't envy the power men store in their pants,
    and I don't hold it against them no, I just don't trust ïem.
    It's about freedom. It's about me. How can I change the world
    when I myself am locked away.
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    good stuff
  3. Miss_Beatle

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    Good poem.

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