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Discussion in 'Politics' started by 7river, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Kucinich on the Issues

    I am running for President to inspire America to take a new path, a different direction. I envision an America which has the capacity to reconnect with the heart of the world; an America which proceeds in the world optimistically and courageously. An America which understands that the world is interdependent, that it is inter-connected, and that what we do today impacts future generations.

    I am running for President to break the shackles of fear which have deprived our citizens of rights. I am running for President to change the way this country values humanity, so that instead of fear and lies, we can live our lives based on principles of peace and hope. We need to regain the trust of the American people and we need to have a government which trusts the American people.

    It's time for America to resume its glorious journey: time to reject shrinking jobs and wages, disappearing savings and rights; time to reject the detour towards fear and greed. It's time to look out upon the world for friends, not enemies; time to counter the control of corporations over our politics, our economy, our resources, and mass media. It's time for those who have much to help those who have little, by maintaining a progressive tax structure. It's time to tell the world that we wish to be their partner in peace, not their leader in war. Most of all, it is time for America to again be the land where dreams come true, because the government is on the side of its people.

    yes i am still behind him...just sent him another $20 today for a tv ad.

    still spread his platform

    whether you believe it or not he is still widely supported.

    now i am hitting up kerrys campain to embrace kucinich's platform

    still work to be done
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  3. mynameiskc

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    bless your heart. while i don't think he stands any chance of winning right now, the smaller parties DO have a stay in who gets elected, if only indirectly through protest votes. the more people who vote independently the more the two party candidates have to pay attention to what we're saying. just as ross perot ousted bush by splitting the conservative vote and gave clinton the presidency, so will the independent parties rob votes from bush while still not voting for kerry.
  4. Pressed_Rat

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    I can't see why people would vote for a person who stands no chance whatsoever in winning, and is aligning himself with the Democratic Party. At least when you vote Independent or Libertarian, or Green, you are helping to draw attention to that particular party, as well as protest against the two-party system which rules the country. I can't see voting for someone who aligns himself with one of the two biggest political parties in the country when he probably won't even draw in 5% at the polls.
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    7river, I agree. I voted for Kucinich in the primary last March but it appears that John Kerry is as far left as America is willing to go at this time.

  6. shaggie

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    Kerry was as far left as what the DNC and corporate media would allow this time.

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