Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by 1968_hippie, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. 1968_hippie

    1968_hippie Member

    Does eating stems actually get you higher?
  2. thisisme5

    thisisme5 Herbal enthusiast

    i severly doubt it
  3. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    oh god no, go punch whoever told you that
  4. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    but they are a waste to throw aways.. I dont think Ive tosses many little picked out stems, when cleaning some bud by hand. I chew em up.. If its big, ill naw it and may spit it out later..
    larger stuff from cultivation, usually fresh soft stems Eat those, chop them up for a salad, or stuffing, they are better them celery.
    Hard stems and trunks get tossed or given to dog as chew toys and they are safe and they love em.
    as to getting you high. not really..
  5. 1968_hippie

    1968_hippie Member

    ok thanks man =P
  6. i love chewin on stems.. they are delish
  7. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    if their from cronic you have some options for use. Break em into small peices and shake in kief catch equipped grinder, makes a low quality kief. But still fucks you up. Or scrape it off them onto something, or save a shitload and cook with them... thc is thc if its on a stem or not.... really good buds usually have coated stems....
  8. Mother's Love

    Mother's Love Generalist

    no higher, but they are full of fiber and roughage. i used to chew on them for the crystalline flavors.
  9. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    I have chewed on them before and nothing happened
  10. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur

    stems are useless IMO.
  11. I found it weird how you spelled chronic without the H.

    Reminds me of the time my friend spraypainted CRONIC on a wall, and he did it really big and it looked cool as fuck. Only to realize that he forgot the H and ruined his tag.
  12. PhishheadDeadhead

    PhishheadDeadhead Senior Member

    yeah this kid at school told me they'll get you high if you chew them if you haven't smoked in a while. i didn't believe it but i still love suckin on em while i roll a blunt or something :D

    oh btw this was the same kid who told me psilocybin and lsd are poisonous and that a shroom trip is you going into the dying phase.
  13. killswitchjd

    killswitchjd Senior Member

    ya im not a great typer lol
  14. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    is that a pile of crack in your sig?
  15. *kushbaby*

    *kushbaby* Member

    call em scooby snacks. they are good for you and yer puppy

  16. *kushbaby*

    *kushbaby* Member

    you fuggin weird ass canadian =]

  17. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    I eat stems, but only for the taste and fiber... Tried Leary Biscuits and although scrumdidilyicious didn't get me high at all.

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