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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by jahmerimaka, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. jahmerimaka

    jahmerimaka Member

    For whatever reason, here in south florida shrooms are sooo expensive, they can be up to $60 an eighth. Absolutly REDICULOUS. My problem is that i dont have a car to go up north and pick them, and the few times i did, we came back with very little outcome.

    I can no longer spend that much money on mushis. I want to buy a spore syringe and grow, but i live in a house with my parents. How difficult would this be to hide?
  2. Trips509

    Trips509 Member

    I live in a house with my parents as well. My grow set up only takes up about 3 feet of space. Very easy to hide.
  3. McCheese

    McCheese Member

    don't grow in your parents house. idiot.
  4. jahmerimaka

    jahmerimaka Member

    Lol, it wouldn't be permanent. I would just need somewhere to start them out at least.
    Is it possible to plant the cakes outside anywhere so that they continue to spawn?
  5. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    Nah all you need to do is look at the PF-Tek method at shroomery, It has a whole step by step process with pictures. It is actually quite easy, all you need to do is be careful and patient.
  6. yeah ^ the pf tek is really straight forward. and assuming you don't have a credit card, send cash to buy spores from for the substrate jars, you can do it yourself, but a cheaper, easier way would be to get these pre-packaged jars from, with even more than just vermiculite and brownrice flour [[ in case you were wondering, don't buy grow kits, they're such a waste of money]] . an incubator is optional, but i've never used one and my mushies come out fine. then all you need is to follow the pf tek for simple minds carefully, and a cardboard box and some plastic wrap for fruiting.

    im just like you jahmerimaka, and so i keep my whole shroom setup in a storage closet in my basement. just be sure to check on them a lot, because mold and other gross stuff on the mushies can be a bitch. keep them in a hard to look, even hard to reach place. i dont keep mine in my room, just because my parents go through it a lot, but if its not the same case with you, go for it as long as your smrt about it. thats bout it. if you have any other questions jus pm me
    have fun man

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