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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Selfsustaingsociety, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. So people are interrested in communal living... GREAT!

    Do something about it. I'll be posting less and less on this site because I'm getting anoyed. When I have a goal I take steps to get it done, for most hippies it seems like a dream they expect to wake up and just have...

    I'm talking to friends/buisnesses/banks, I'm saving money, I'm taking steps to buy land, I'm learning little by little all I'll need to get it done.

    I wanted to post this as a challenge to anyone who's posted here, tell us what you are doing to live communaly. show us how you'll get there. tell us what works and what doesn't, tell us how others can help you, ask for guidance... don't just post " I want to join one, I wanna know how".

    the intent of this is to see who is getting things done and hopefull get something to happen for a lot of people who need a kick to get them started.

    Go, the challenge starts now!!!

    Also note: to oldwolf, hippiehillbilly and dilligaf and the whole gang of good people who are getting it done, keep up the good work. keep telling us your progress, sharing stories and offering guidance. I/we get inspired and see that it can be done.
  2. Vana

    Vana Member

    You know, I emailed you.... YOUR FUCKING EMAIL DOESN'T WORK, DAMN IT! I saw info about your commune on the communes directory site and tried eamiling you... AND THEN YOUR EAMIL DOESN'T WORK! How am I supposed to get AHOLD of you?

    I also PMed you. So don't you say YOU'RE pissed off... what the hell about me?! I've been saving like hell and will give all the money I have to the commune I eventually decide to move to... that's all I can do right now. I have school. So there.
  3. crypto

    crypto Member

    Communal living is more about developing the skills needed to keep a community alive than about buying land. The number one most important skill being communication. Without communication, no amount of land, or money will make a successful community. I agree that this forum has a lot of dreamers, but sometimes a dreamer needs some time to become a doer. I dreamed about communal living for many years before I decided to do something about it. The second communal living situation that I experienced was a direct result of this forum. I made a good friend through that experience, but the community failed due to poor communication. One member of the group "the weakest link" drew the rest down.

    I'm still striving for community, still watching the boards every now and then looking for like minded people to communicate with. I share the plan every now and then, and have had several people interested, but no click. You can't just get a group of people together and expect harmony.

    In the meantime, I'm building other skills needed to survive in a self sufficient manner whilst I wait. I've practiced organic farming, tried my hand at keeping chickens/animals, worked with cabinetry and construction. Not to mention moving away from the modern energy consuming convieniences back to a more balanced lifestyle. In the end, patience is required and weeding through the dreamers to find someone that's ready to be a doer. In the meantime, just let the dreamers dream, they'll either wake up ready to be fully involved in a good communal living project, or they won't.
  4. crypto

    crypto Member

    I'm having trouble accessing my account so I created this one. If you want to check out my other posts on here, look up Cryptoman. Thanks and have a bright bright sun shiny day
  5. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator


    Sometimes it is easy to feel frustrated when things move slow when you are more than ready for them to go onto the fast lane - and the reverse is true - so frustrating when you see an opportunity that your own situation inhibits you from taking advantage of.... Yah been there and not always enjoying being stuck there either.

    For ourselves we have a commitment NOT to solicite members, yet would feel extremely happy to find more people of like mind and the timing being correct for joining together..... - should it go on for several more years this attempt will fold up somewhat or the land and equipment be sold or whatever - time tells all. (Having been doing for many years - I do not often post herein - same ol same ol gets old ... most of the energy about our attempt is in our personal forums [oldwolf, oldcrone and moving cloud] - for those who might wish to know more, the major description is found in this link )

    But people, myself included, are sometimes slow to act on a project near and dear to their hearts; because the personal timing is wrong, or some other distraction holds sway and the way is not clear for this to receive the energy it needs to manifest.

    In this process of community we deal with a multitude of variables the most telling being each individual involved - which way multiplies the variables.

    I kind of felt the build it and they will show but also realized that made me the main generator and continuity when I do Not wish for that role - that the members of the community must have voice and feeling of having done it for themselves......sooo ... I wait and clean the land and fix the equipment and slowly do move ahead on community projects - being the only person permantly on the land - this sometimes becomes overwhelming and a Wonderful teacher of lessons. Strapped into paying off the equipment (which I over-extended on financially - Be-Aware) and in a night route drive in deer infested country every day of the year - my nomadic urges are still being surpressed - O beware when finally I get to travel again - I do not know if ever I shall allow myself to be so strapped to manifesting a goal again !
    But those are of a personal nature - yeah but.... every person involved will have those personal nature things following after them and each Must be addressed - if a person is left feeling unfulfilled then they Will leave - eventually or sooner.

    Too often we See things only from our own perspective and we MUST learn to extend ourselves to See from the perspective of each individual with whom we so involve our lives. Without this their is no community for community must Work together - play together - be able to communicate - AND enjoy each other's company - - may have left out a couple of other just as important musts too.

    To all who Do; and go beyond wishing or expending hot air on and only dreaming; and move into the acting as if thisis part of their being by Doing - in whatever way activity presents itself to further the dream - I raise my fist and say - power is to and and for and of the people - BUT only if they are willing to Do !

    Blessings along the Way
  6. I have found a place to start...Cool:)
  7. Honestly, it's barely worth checking this board at all, anymore- for me.
    The proportion of people actually doing something to those browsing around and having wonderful fantasies is kind of bumming me out.

    Most REAL communes you'll never find in a print directory, or on a website-
    it took living in one for me to find this out.
    I mean, I applaud the people who actually started something and bother to come here to try to help people,... they're better people than I am.

    I don't think I would ever have been able to deal with somebody who's like the way I was when I first started looking for a commune... just a tire-kicker looking for a life I'd only caught faint glimpses of in my imagination.
    Life is life, though. You've got to go out and DO it.
    Practically, it's the simplest thing you can do- nobody should let the prospect of real life get so idealized in their head that they don't even know how to just go do it.
    Get started, and never stop. That's the way to get somewhere.

    Feel the Loves, all
    ~Grouve on
    Assalamu Aleikom, from the Karmic Seed
  8. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    waleikum sallam,

    Have you tried the Abode of the Message in New Lebanaon, N.Y. ? ( - for motr info.)

    And you know - it was realizing what you have learned that brought you where you are.
    It is important to reach a hand down to help others climb on - that way we all get to grow yet more. Without that we tend to get stuck in our byways and stagnate. The neat part about helping others to Grow and become more Aware beings is that they grow places that we need to learn from them too.those who do not help others tend to retreat into selfrighteousness and arrogrance - Inshallah we never go there - but rather than put it on god - I put it on us - for we have free will and the power of cocreation that choice gives us.

    Blessed Be my friend

    May you continue to grow and Become more.
  9. Dalamar

    Dalamar Member

    To be honest I do not feel all that frustrated. Sure there are a lot of people that post about getting something started then nothing happens. That is understandable as such a project is a huge undertaking that takes time and a lot of money to set up. If these people had money I am sure they would have started something yesterday. The sad reality is that they don’t. With that said, there are also people who are getting things done like the highway child, old wolf etc. Seeing these success helps inspire me because I see that it can be done!

    What am I doing?

    Well like everyone I am saving money like crazy to buy land (not an easy task here in NY as property prices are high in my area). Also, I am studying alternative building and energy sources. I am also studding other topics so the group can be as self sufficient as possible. However, there are some skills I do lack, like pluming and electrical work. While I could for example build the base of a house and even set up a (solar powered generator for example) and even a rain/snow collection system for water. Actually running the piping and wiring throughout the house is another task altogether.

    As I am writing this I am thinking to my self that I might be thinking too grand for a beginning. Perhaps instead of buying land maybe I could rent a house or cabin in the woods somewhere and start there. (Sorry just thinking out loud)
  10. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    You know sometimes I just don't understand how everybody decides that you gotta have loads of money to start. You do not. 1 person looking in the appropriate places - where land is Not too dear, can find land for well under $1000 A.. 1 person can find people who have land, who cannot pay the land taxes and are willing to have a land contract. A land contract is in favor of the person who holds the deed, so make sure that the paperwork Is filed at the local county clerks office - CYA. In a land contract, if the person buying the land forfiets (does not make payment) the land reverts to the deed holder and unless a substantial percentage has been paid on the contract, the buyer just loses all.
    But for $100/mo for instance right now I can pick up 12 more acres of bottom land farm land - total price $20,000.
    And folks that's cleared bottom land alreadt under tillage - for most places good farmland (which this is) goes for much more.

    What I'm trying to say - is if I go into a depressed economical county and go look up the delinquent land tax records - I have a good start on who may be willing to sell cheap, and who may finance it themselves. Just make sure that the land taxes do get paid from the payments - or pay them yourselves as part of the deal with a lower per mo. pmnt..

    There are still people around picking up land for backtaxes - which usually comes out to $3,000 for whatever - it can be substantial house, barns, and acerage , just small acerage near a village - or some fairly large acerage in a fairly isolated areas where people really feel it's too hard to make a living. It is possible - as long as you don't try to do it near cities.

    This is possible folks - you may have to take some nos - how bad do you want it - do you keep on going ? you will be asked if you are willing to sacrifice for this - you will be asked if you are sincere - you will be asked to continue on in the face of adversity.
    So if you think this is going to be a vacation - easy st. well you sure don't want to be in on the starting end because it's more work than any 7>5 ers do.

    Once you start and find out that this IS a priority for you - that you are Not willing to give up on it -then synchronicity will make clear the road you need to go - keep thinking positive - the law of attraction does work; so for gods sake stop attracting adversity, and make sure you circulate harmony and positive thinking and lots of sweat equity.

    Those who Do - Do ; those who do not - well it will never happen if you are not doing - sorry that's just a fact of life.

    Blessed Be my friends - I hope some day soon to be able to hello the camp and bring in more good cheer as we face each other across the fires of good friendship, compadres in the Doing.

  11. Hey, thanks for that link there, oldwolf.
    I've never seen that one before.

    How's the situation looking at your place,
    in terms of people being able to come up there and do the commie thing?
    You're one wise dude, man- I'd like to spend some time up there if it's possible.

    You have a grouvai day.
    Namaste, my good man!
  12. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    Ho phrensied,

    Our next gathering -(link)
    while we do not limit people to just visiting during the gatherings (weekend of full moon time closest to seasons changes), those are the times we SET aside for communication and sharing - we may work during those times if the people just want to wander or have space - but other times , though we will always stop for real communication (1 thing that we commit to in community) sometimes we are hard pressed trying to get something done that shows it's head as a Need to be done.
    While we do every once in a while make an appearance and direct people where they might find out more about us ( ) I'm not even sure we could be called a commune - most communes are egalitarian and we are thinking more in terms of Co-Op and while we may try to get N.P. status - the hoops and paperwork and magnifying glass of the bureaucracy are inhibitive....We also try for not just consensus which we may accept as lesser desired mode, but for unaminous consent (hence the commitment to communication).
    We do not solicite for members - nor do we turn away visitors - unless intuition Grabs one of us and shouts in our ear - so to speak.
    Another of our commitments is to help people Grow and develope greater Awareness - we empower the individual and follow no set spiritual process; somewhat eschewing rituals, while striving to honor all our Connections and revere W
    holeness (which include the One and the All).
    In so far as people coming to stay for extended time, we suggest first a short visit to check out
    harmony between the land and the people, then a longer working visit (2wks>1 mo.) to see how working together fares - and then if resonanace is intact, getting affairs in order to stay as long as it shall be right for all parties involved. Even for those only wishing to stay for a month or so - a small visit might be advisable to see whether the land accepts you - she's a particular mistress and does show those inhabiting her their interior Beings - and lacks thereof ; and whether they can get along with the people present - we be a wee bit fey....

    Sorry for the length - don't want anyone walking into this blind.

    Blessings to all along their Way
    Grow On
    Enjoy !


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