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Discussion in 'Class Suggestions' started by Laci, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Laci

    Laci Members

    I'd really like some classes laid out related to the general high school classes:

    -Math (let's say pre-algebra through whatever)
    -Science (chemistry, forensics, biology, etc)
    -English (literature, essay writing, resume writing, etc)

    Thanks a bunch! I'm 17 and left high school recently- couldn't learn in that environment and got tired of "learning" things just to pass tests. I'm genuinely interested in learning these things and wanted to find a class that was a bit more independent and allowed me to go at my own pace.
  2. Laci

    Laci Members

    Anyone out there interested in maybe leading a class? Maybe some people that are interested in participating in these classes?
  3. eggsprog

    eggsprog anti gang marriage HipForums Supporter

    Khan Academy is a good online 'school'.
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  4. Laci

    Laci Members

    I'll check that out!!:) Thanks!
  5. r0llinstoned

    r0llinstoned Gute Nacht, süßer Prinz

    I hope you have some type of job already because it's really hard to get one without a high school diploma

    EDIT: by the way, this wasnt meant to be a stab at you or anything, just sayin that the majority of employers are going to hire someone will a high school diploma over someone who doesn't have one. If youre not gonna finish high school you might wanna look into a trade school or something. But even then, they might not let you into the program without a high school diploma, but i'm sure some will.
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  6. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    get a GED.

    there are classes you can take to prepare you for the GED test. GED is almost as good as a HS diploma, and absolutely required if you wish to further your education in the future.

    some universities might not accept a GED (not sure) but you can definitely still get educated with one.

    you might wanna look into free college classes. lots of colleges offer free classes. most of the time they are online, and you won't get a degree (not without paying $$$ you
    won't) but you can learn, and thta's what really matters. google free <college name> classes, you'll be surprised.
  7. wtfisthatkid

    wtfisthatkid Member

    I'll second getting a GED. I dropped out as well. If I hadn't gotten my GED, i'd be a lot more limited in what I could do. It's really almost necessary to have a diploma of some sort.
  8. I just want to second Khan Academy, very famous for the being the very service you're looking for
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