St. Marys, Georgia

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  1. campfire-fly

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    Egret in the low tide sunrise in the St. Marys River, St. Marys, Georgia.


    Spanish moss hangs low from Live Oaks over brackish water, St. Marys, Georgia.


    St. Marys, Georgia is a tree huggers paradise. The quaint coastal town is known for its live oak canopy covered streets.
  2. Nirali

    Nirali Member

    OMG! First pic really touched my soul. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  3. Paisley Skye

    Paisley Skye Member

    awesome fotos-- mother nature at her finest. now i know why i love the outdoors! sure would love to see more. paisley skye.
  4. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    Tree huggers town, if you love seeing oaks choked to death by parasitic spanish "moss".
  5. Shale

    Shale ~

    Actually, Spanish Moss is not a parasite but a bromeliad that grows on trees and wires or anything that will give it exposure to moving air. It could be harmful for cutting off sunlight to lower branches, but live oak does not seem bothered by it.
  6. BlondeSunshine

    BlondeSunshine Members

    I quite like the look of moss, it creates a rustic, aged, timeless feel to the place.

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