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Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by Hyzenthlay, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Hyzenthlay

    Hyzenthlay Member

    Okay, so I discovered awhile ago that, under the right circumstances, I can squirt. It's not as dramatic as in porn - it goes aways, maybe a six or seven inches, but certainly not all the way across the room, and while it does actually squirt (not gush), it doesn't do so very hard - so when I first did it, I understandably wondered what the heck it was. It's clear and neutral in smell, so I could figure out on my own that it wasn't urine, but I looked it up just in case.
    My question is this: In "researching" it, several sources referenced this phenomenon as coming from internal/G-spot pleasure. I can and do squirt from this, but sometimes, I can do it just from the clit. Nothing else - no dildo, no nothing. I have one friend that reports that she can do it from having a guy lick her clit the right way, but she's the only other I've ever heard mention the clit as involved and nothing else. Everyone else seems to think it's the G-spot.
    Am I the only one who can do this? It's definitely the same stuff. I was all proud that I could do it both ways, until I started looking around and EVERYTHING mentioned the G-spot and I was like "What about the clit?..."
  2. ItzJessI3itch

    ItzJessI3itch Banned

    I have done the same thing.... that how I first found out I could squirt. I was like 17 and the first time I masturbated with a vibrator I done it not know what it was... I thought it was urine too... but it didn't smell like it or whatever. I began looking it up and I seen the same thing you had mentioned, that I was from a g-spot orgasm... so I was confused as well... I've only done it from self masturbation myself... so I believe it could be a g-spot orgasm..... if not I'm still enjoying it anyway...lol
  3. HappyPuppy

    HappyPuppy Member

    Thanks for the post gals - I've been wondering if the "wet spot" was from the "G spot". I am just clueing in to the fact that I've probably experienced both types of orgasm but didn't realize it since we don't always get the wet spot (I must ask DH if he's noticed squirt vs gush). Now I want to try to identify a specific clit-related orgasm - problem is that DH is usually (always?) working on my clit WITH digital penetration when I do (occasionally) get off so that already covers both bases. Maybe we have to experiment some more to try to tell the diff btwn orgasms. Actually, tho I am just so happy when it happens maybe beggars shouldn't be choosers.
  4. HappyPuppy

    HappyPuppy Member

    Wow - he said after last nite that I'm a squirter and that he keeps his eyes closed because I regularly get it on his eyelids!!! OMG :) I don't know whether to be proud of that or not hehe but at least I know that I'm that way.
  5. gift2her

    gift2her Member

    My wife very rarely has G-spot orgasms. She is almost exclusively clitoral orgasmic. The difference between whether she squirts or not depends upon her muscle control before/during the orgasm. When she starts to feel the orgasm coming on, if she intentionally relaxes or pushes out with the vaginal muscles, she will squirt. If she tightens up, then she won't. It's a different feeling for her whether she tightens up or pushes out and the results are different as well :).

    So if you are seeking a different orgasmic feeling, or seeking to squirt, I would try that method regardless of whether the stimulation is clitoral or g-spot. The same is true for men as well, it's our natural tendancy to tighten up because the tingling just before orgasm kind of feels like the need to pee, but if we go against instinct and relax, or push it's a different orgasm. I have found I can be multi-orgasmic this way.
  6. Orgasmic

    Orgasmic Member

    as far as I'm concerned, for you to squirt you must SOMEHOW make contact with the G-spot. The first time I squirted was once I was masturbating and was going for my 3rd orgams.
    I think it was because (being a girl I know this) the inside of your vagina contracts (either by itself or by you doing it) and once you've had your "first" orgasm, I've realized that I kind of have to "open/close" my vagina or contract it, if that makes any sense.
    And if my theory is right, once you do that, you'd be massaging your g-spot with your very own vagina.
    And just for the record, I only stimulate myself by vibrations in my clit so that's what I have that theory, if not, how could I have squirted? [more than once]
  7. i recorded myself on my phone stimulating both my g-spot and my clit with my thumb and my 1st two fingers and i saw that i squirted a little...and it was during my contractions, but it didnt gush out of me either...then again i was holding back cos i didn't wanna mess up the chair! but it felt soooooooo good! so yeah, squirting DOES exist...it is NOT a myth! and women can squirt in different quantities!
  8. England

    England Banned

    Do your legs not tremble, then curl up in the corner of the room for 10 mins screaming from an orgasm after squirting like I saw on a squirting porn movie? :eek:
  9. 2squishy

    2squishy Member

    Yes, I believe you do need some G-Spot stimulation to get things started. I know for myself, once the g-spot is started, I can then squirt very easily, with minimal stimulation... The first one is usually takes the longest to spray out, but after that...I'm Niagara Falls... :drool:
  10. Crunkville TX

    Crunkville TX Member

    one girl i met squirted ALOT! i was like DAMN

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