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    for those who are not sprouting their own food, yet, here are some sites for basic info.



    So to make this a proper conversation:
    what sprouts do you like?
    what's your secret score for affordable seeds?
    what will you never sprout again?
    what do you always have going?

    I'm into the spicy ones right now: raddish, mustard with a bit of cress.
    my secret score is bulk bins over the in store packets (and I'd love to get a list of fair priced net dealers) and the sadly missed Boulder co-op.

    I see no reason for me to sprout alfalfa.
    When I'm in sprout mode, mung bean, cress and broccoli are must haves.
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    Oooh, they sell these down at the wholefood store. i think they're 99p, so $2 a packet of them, which isn't mega expensive cos you get quite a few. I'll try them and let you know.
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    I love sprouts! I pick up a package once or twice a month. My grocery store usually has alfalfa, onion & broccoli so that's what I've had more than anything. The onion ones are by far my favorite so far.

    My MIL gave me a tiered sprouting... thingie, and I've tried using it several times but my sprouts invariably end up rotting. (sigh) I've followed the instructions to the letter, but it never works. I'm beginning to think that I need to try a different container rather than it being something *I* am doing though, and have been giving serious consideration to just trying to sprout some in a jar before investing in another doohickey.
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    i love broccoli sprouts but so far i only grow bean sprouts. mung bean mostly, but i do variety.

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