Spit Jazz (Stalk's Genetic Poetry Thread)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by stalk, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    What a great thread! :)
  2. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Your legs are long,
    crawling up the wall

    and then a fox stands up
    and whispers to the moon
    "I love you"
  3. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I thank you midst a stroke of the beard
  4. stalk

    stalk Banned

    when was the last time you were certain?
    Earth's uneasy hitchin a ride on stacked tortoise.
    Her doppelganger waves through space;
    Small feet,
    of jalstrom's comet

    safe distance is the intangible.
  5. stalk

    stalk Banned

    inside the head
    thru a spectrum of
    inner gates of self
    all tied, fluid as a
    'round midnight

    and inside is god,
    happy as the suns'
    eye's shut.

    sphere's shadow of a
  6. stalk

    stalk Banned

    sunshine through the fall of a thousand leaves.
    listening to three rhythms in the cocophony
    on a log.
    O i could try to describe to you the stream that carried me away
    just beneath my feet.
    and O how i could try to explain the feelings that occured
    somewhere in my head.
    but O! it felt so amazing to be alive! !
    triumphantly strumming on strings that flicked my pick into the crick
    just beneath my feet.
    yellow it was, marching away,
    to be picked up by some other musician,
    some other day.

    not that that stopped us.

    we ventured passed the sunshine
    to the graveyard of stones
    where the lake should have been.
    and with this wind we swarm
    the music
    into existance
    under the Himalayan tree
    where the griffons landed.​
  7. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Last Fall brings up some beautiful images in my mind, very nice.
  8. Biida

    Biida Member

    Oh, oh, oh! I adore this one! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)
  9. stalk

    stalk Banned

    O I feel similarities
    knowing someone else
    understands it's simplicity!

    Nag Champa?
  10. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I'm going to get drunk and spit jazz all over my computer,

    expect to try to make sense of sensory data.
  11. stalk

    stalk Banned

    Introductions could last the entire lifetime
    of a fly. Here's to the american dime,
    and sudden shudders down the humans spine,
    minding his Zosros to uncurl then shine
    dimlit faces

    a poet enlightened and resonating lightly,
    collecting smoke, tangled up in his lotus nightly.
    who wrote from moons,
    and plastic spoons
    can be found in the corners on the carpet.

    the sunshine was tile
    and it took him a while
    to really rotate, and see,
    that all these branches coming back to me.
    my brainstorm.

    dusty clouds
    are likely shrouds
    of other eyes
    and maybe flies
    will gather.

    panic struck our waltz,
    Let's move along now to the vaults
    of Obo's
    and old Lego's
    that kids never found,

    I can not help it,
    I'm barely here on Earth
    so when I write
    I'm usually somewhere weightless and
  12. stalk

    stalk Banned

    outlined in red
    I am yellow
    you are dead?
  13. stalk

    stalk Banned

    dear whirlwind
    that spins
    and twists thru my
  14. stalk

    stalk Banned

    from the ocean was a rock
    was some grass
    turned a tree
    a hand held glass, to the sun
  15. stalk

    stalk Banned

    spit thru the hippy forums
    to simulate
  16. stalk

    stalk Banned

    sing it with me
    harmonized the wized vocal chords 'neath Banyan
  17. stalk

    stalk Banned

    O banyan
    tan yan
    Yin yang
    of love, I melt melted's all accross my belly sky

    and I drew a mandala
    of triangles
    on your breast
    while you dreamt of pyramids
  18. stalk

    stalk Banned

    I've melted the melted
    over and over
    and a feast upon Heat
    stirs premordial motion

    and life is a song,
    You hear it! The word
    Universe is just an interlude;
  19. stalk

    stalk Banned

    hypagogic clouds
    fall into the ocean
    like i did, too
  20. Biida

    Biida Member

    Amazing, amazing and I know no other words! You blow my mind, then you piece it back together like some psychedelic jigsaw with your psychedelic jazz... And only afterwards do I wonder where all the colours came from.

    Where do you find the colours? Do they grow on trees? I'd love to see the field they came from, all bright and beautiful as they are. :)

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