Spiritualism is secret commander of Atheism

Discussion in 'Agnosticism and Atheism' started by Emre_1974tr, May 24, 2007.

  1. Emre_1974tr

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    Communism and Nazism-racism from spiritualism(New Age Religion)




    2. World War is game of New Age Religion. And 3. World War will be again from this evil Religion



    And now, spiritualism come to stronger commander of ateism:




    This is plan of Evil. And Evil changed the Torah and Bible according to spiritualist basics.

    Now christianity is half spiritual religion (3 in 1, monks, saints, holy men, be poor ,souls-ghosts beliving...these are way of evil)

    Only and only Quran saved. God saved only Quran. So only "real islam" can stop the spiritualism.

  2. relaxxx

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    This is pure nonsense. Dont let that "evil" religious gene cloud you judgement. The only thing that will save the human race is to wake up from this daze of ignorance we call religion that is the root of evil which feeds on our weaknesses. This is the same old sickness in a desperate attempt to rename itself as something new to confuse the weak sheeple.

    I am a true Athiest and I deny the existance of God and the holly spirit and all that sort of imignary spaghetti monster fantasy counterproductive double talking bullshit!
  3. lifelovefun

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    emre - you really need to define what you mean by "spiritualism". people throw words around with deeper meanings than they actually know about.
  4. Dejavu

    Dejavu Until the great unbanning

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    Emre, the world is a farm run by aliens. Are you not aware of the facts?
  5. ronald Macdonald

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    No of course he isnt aware of the facts the person wouldnt know a fact if it jumped down his throat and ripped his arsehole off and pulled it out through his mouth !

    Also it is not aliens - but tiny people who are from this planet but they evolved separately so they became tiny but powerful because they have invented invisibility cloaks and light speed travel
  6. themnax

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    me thinks someone needs to do their homework. r mac d made at least as much sense as the o.p. without even half trying. there IS something called spiritualism. it's been arround somewhat longer then the phrase "new age". it's that thing about seances and talking to dead people among other things.

    now islam and the koran are the same thing as cristianity and its book in the sense that their revealer was choosen by the same good to channel whatever it had to say to us. nor were they the only ones who were.

    what islam is to christianity and christianity is to judaism, baha'i is to islam. as for myself though, what i seriously question, is this whole notion of anything being infallable, or needing to be.

    also the relivance of any of them, to what is essentially our own doing, that really has nothing to do with any god, priesthood, or revelation of belief, and which WE, are just as capable of extricating ourselves from our self screwing as we have been of screwing ourselves into it.

    one god or a zillion of them might be a good friend to have, but it is still up to us to stop screwing everything up for each other. with or without, whatever anyone, may or may not, see fit to believe in.

    it is a big universe out there. my two cents, for what its worth, is to take with a very large grain of salt, anything claiming to be the "only" anything.

    as for twisting the intentions of revealed religeons, first none have ever been nor will ever be immune to this. that's one of the reasons they get renewed every thousand years or so, give or take a few hundred.

    and the intrests that resault in this twisting aren't of religeous origen either, or at least no more so then they are of any other.

  7. Nikalaus

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    ... *looks at his dog* ... yes he looks as confused as I do...

    What was the point of that first rant...

    It looked very emotional and yet the sky was blue yesterday, is now, and will be tomorow...

    *scratches head and lifts an eyebrow*

  8. Eugene

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    I used to vacation at the spirtiualist capital of the world, Lilly Dale NY.
    They are incapable for keeping teenagers from leaving condoms at the beach, so i dont think they're running the earth right now.

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