Speaker of the House wants anarchy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rjhangover, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Speaker Boehner said yesterday, that congress should be judged by how many laws it repeals. He has made it clear that the GOP wants to undo the progress of the last 200 years. That undoubtedly includes taking away women's rights, taking away blacks rights, destroying healthcare, destroying education, destroying workers rights, and destroying Social Security. Destroying the Bill of Rights and the constitution is as un-American as it gets. The fascist bigots are a clear and present danger to the USA.

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    Deregulation is part of many of the right’s political philosophy, but as we have seen many times on these forums once you get passed the slogans it doesn’t seem to stand up to scrutiny.

    Oh I’m always in favour of the review of laws and regulations to see if they are working properly or remain relevant, but the fact is that in the real world situations change and the law and the regulatory system need to change with it.

    I mean in the UK the government is only just beginning to realise the implications of the internet age and around the world national governments are beginning to wake up to what many have been pointing out for years – that the tax system needs to go global.

    In the real world saying something like – no more new laws – or repealing others willy nilly for strictly dogmatic reasons is plain silly.
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    The site comes up , but that story is gone . Its more likely that site removed it for some reason . I dont know any thing about that site . http://thinkprogress.org/?mobile=nc
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    After thinking on this for a few minutes , removing 200 years of laws and anarchy are two diferent things .

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