Space travel with supernatural elements

Discussion in 'Fantasy Books' started by katie-kris, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. katie-kris

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    Hey guys I've just read an interesting book, thought I'd give some input. it's called Phantom: The Last Nephilim, By Gabriel Common, I got it on kindle. It's an interesting coming of age story about a teen who realizes he is a speacial being that's half angel and half human. He is taken against his will because of what he is to be the saviour of the universe. He must stop an evil bunch of mystics from raising their demon king. It's an interesting story filled with action, mystery, romance and comedy. I recomend this book to all. Cant wait for the squel cause I'm pretty sure the author will write a sequel.
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    That sounds cool.I used to read a lot of SCi-Fi and fantasy in my happier youth.

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