Space Force to Establish Separate Service

Discussion in 'Hip News' started by Friar Turk, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Their just humoring him until the real men in white suits cart him off to the booby hatch
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  4. themnax

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    i'm a bit curious as to just what they're supposed to do?
    i could see a space janatorial service though, hurding all the space junk together to create its own gravity wells at legrange points or something.
  5. Visexual

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    My first thought is for the youngsters who decide to attend the Space Force Academy. Just imagine being a Space Cadet?
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    Decades before Trump ran in earnest for Pres., he was pretty much viewed by the serious money people as some sorta clown of the corporate raiders. If people know him only from that TV show or from his prezzie campaign & now as Pres., they might think that his ideas (or, more accurately, impulses) are stupid only because the press treats them that way. (This is the same press that basically campaigned for Trump for 30 years.)

    I'm wagering that Space Force'll be in the news until SpaceX (maybe Trump imagines Space Force as HIS SpaceX) or some other private entity slaps Trump's name on a satellite & shoots it into orbit. After that, Space Force & yet another of Trump's momentary lapses of enthusiasm will sink below the horizon for good.

    But until then, look for Trump to publicize his impulses for the Space Force uniform; especially for females. One of his earlier claims to fashion fame was his cleavage-rich tops for his Trump Shuttle female attendants. The ladies just refused to wear them.
  8. tumbling.dice

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    I used to watch Space Academy when I was a kid in the '70s. It looked fun to me.

    Then again, I also liked Far Out Space Nuts...maybe that's more on Trump's level.

  9. Tyrsonswood

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    Hopefully with Trump in it....
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  10. SouthPaw

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    Damn, I always dreamed of being a Space Shuttle door gunner. But the shuttles are gone. Sigh.
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