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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by slewsbury, May 29, 2006.

  1. slewsbury

    slewsbury Member

    I was just wondering what kind of space cakes/brownies/milkshakes are the best and most potent over there?
  2. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    i never found any of them to be very potent but the hash hot chocolate from chocolata and the space cake there taste great. i had a disgusting kiwi hash milkshake from abraxas. coffeeshop little used to have space muffins that had twice as much hash in them as the other shops but that was years ago since I went there.
  3. lctricity

    lctricity Member

  4. slewsbury

    slewsbury Member


    do you have a webshots page. if so i think i stumbled across it in my research(nice pictures). Why no pictures from this year?
  5. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    There are a few 2006 pics up at the link below. I shot a lot more video than snapping pics this year.

    Amsterdam 2006 Pics

    Rock ON!
  6. JO420

    JO420 Member

    Honostly i suggest buying space cakes unless you know the place sells decent ones,most ive ever had here have been shit, if you really want to have something edible with hash,just buy a gram of hash,the softer the better,then buy a cup of coffee then plop it in,mix and drink.
  7. gaz or jazz

    gaz or jazz Member

    ictricity- some great pics
  8. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    La Vida es Buena!

    Trust me on the Rusland recommend.

    If not then buy your own and follow the recipe below.

    Hash Yogurt Recipe:

    Take a small spoon of vegetable oil and crumble a gram of hash into it. Heat the oil gently and the hash will disperse. Be careful not to heat it too hard that it begins to bubble or smoke. Stir this through a single serving container of your favorite flavored, and this part is important, "full" fat yogurt. Leave the yogurt in the fridge overnight. Eat and enjoy.

    Recommended for Daily Smokers Only.

    If you're not a daily smoker then go with .5g, or even .25g.

    Breakfast of Champions
  9. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    yes thc is fat soluable but the full fat part ain't important this time cause you are eating the hash itself. fat soluability is only necessary when looking to transfer the thc out of the weed and into butter/ brownie mix / oil / etc. This is important when you want to strain the weed out of the mix and only keep the thc in the food.
  10. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    THC is soluable in animal fat. It is because of this fact that drug tests can still detect THC in your system months after you have smoked.

    The THC in Hash works just as weed does in terms of being "fat-soluable". The only difference is that hash will actually dissolve rather than having to be strained. Bodily absorption when eating is improved due to heat extraction of the drug into fats.

    Your space yogurt will be much more potent if you make it using "full fat" yogurt as described. Even if you don't do the "hash oil" part.

    Trust me.
  11. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    but i thought you weren't straining the hash out of the yogurt in your original post (were you?). my point is that if the hash pieces remain in the yogurt then you don't really have to draw the thc out of them, you just have to eat them.
  12. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    though transferring the thc from the hash to the yogurt would make it digest quicker and hit you harder.....
  13. SinPusher

    SinPusher Member

    The space cake at Bluebird comes with a written warning slip that makes a great souveiner. It recommends you start with half a slice and wait an hour before finishing it. I ate a whole slice but was already very high, so I cannot say it was super strong, but it tasted good, lol. Abraxas sells a great hash hot cocoa and great hash shakes. If you stand and watch them made, you see them dump a half gram package of powdered blonde hash in each drink. Both need to have continous stirring to keep the powdered hash mixed in. I think a couple of these will give you a nice buzz.
  14. AlliKat1515

    AlliKat1515 Member

    The space cakes are excellent at Abraxas too! I've tried them all around town and personally, I think they are the yummiest and most potent. I eat the whole thing at once with one of their excellent cappucinos. DO NOT get the bon bons there - they are absolutely disgusting. BaBa has good ones too -but not as good as Abraxas. cheers!

  15. SinPusher

    SinPusher Member

    Chocolota for bon bons

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