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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by PurpleMapleTree, May 11, 2004.

  1. hey everyone,
    ok, i just recently started drinking chocolate soy milk. when i was a kid was wasn't allowed to drink cows milk, or anything with lactose for that matter because of a medical prob. so, i would have to drink soy milk, rice milk, lactaid... and i absolutley hated it!! my friend offered me some chocolate soy milk, and after not having that milk for years... i decided to give it another try. well, i loved it. so i went out and bought some.. both regular and chocolate. i just opened the regular one, and had a cup. and i have to say it is pretty good, but i'm not toooooooo crazy about it. but i'd like to keep with soy or rice milk, instead of the cows milk. so does anyone have any tips, like brands to buy? i also heard that vanilla soy milk is good, i haven't tried it yet.. soooooo... any suggestions?
  2. TreePhiend

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    Try as many brands as you can find and pick the one you like best. You will get used to soymilk and enjoy its flavor soon enough. Its so nutty and creamy and awsome - I love it!
  3. Blue

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    you should try silk soy milk. any flavor. chocolate is absolutely amazing - it's so rich and thick. i don't know if that's the brand you tried, but i think rice milks are a lot thinner and might not be as satisfying.
  4. try 8th continent or what ever it's called. i like they're chocolate the best..

    to me it's better then the silk kind.

    i just cant get enuf of it.
  5. i had the 8th continent chocolate one. omg.. it's delish!!! lol. but as for the regular flavor i had the stop and shop brand. i think i'll try the silk regular and chocolate... and the 8th continent regular.
    yeah, rice milk is thinner and not as good as soy milk in my opinion.

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