Soy milk: the bad side

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by freedbypeace, May 16, 2004.

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    I love soy milk and rice minlk and even almond milk, but although soy is good for your heart along with other things, it deteriates the muscles. A nutritionist was arguing with me about that but I argued back that you aren;t supposed to have milk about age 2 and that it is bad for you. Sure milk builds calcium, but if you have it too often, like I said, it can do exactly the reverse effect. So now I am sad that soy deteriates your muscles, (not that I have any,) but I will not give up not eating animal products. So if you are an athlete, just be careful drinking the soy! :confused:
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    I never heard of soy negativly affecting muscles... please ask your "nutritionist" for a reference. And if she can provide one share it here. Sounds like BS to me. Soy contains protein and is good for muscles, as far as I know.
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    After one year of heavy soy consumption i only just heard about negative effects today in another thread. It said that it lowers testosterone in men because of the isoflavones. So you can understand my reaction

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    People get used to a certain diet, and so it's good to have substitutes to help them ween themselves away from that diet. If the choice was to simply give up lots of foods and drinks outright, fewer people would become veggie and vegan.
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    See that's why I oppose animal experiments. Unscientific, unethical and inaccurate.

    Well anyway back to the point... I honestly can't see the problem with soya milk. My dairy intollerant brother has been drinking soya milk with no ill effects, quite the opposite in fact.

    There is some truth in the theory that too much calcium can bleach out the body's supplies. I've only read that in relation to dairy though, so it might not apply to soya.


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    I never heard about the bad side of soy, but it's interesting to know... but I don't think it's that bas though, I mean, unless you drink gallons a day like didgeridoodoo said earlier -

    Anyways it's not gonna stop me from drinking it!
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    Most studies I have encountered have stated that in moderation, soy is a very healthy addition to most diets.
    Of course, you don't want to eat soy every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that goes for just about any food.
    There are some people who are allergic or ultra-sensitive to soy, and should not eat it. Of course, there are also people who are deathly allergic to peanuts, but that doesn't mean no one should ever eat peanuts.
    Many of the studies linking soy to catastrophic effects were the results of animal tests in which the animals were given huge amounts of soy. Just about anything can cause cancer and other complications in rats and other animals, especially when given in huge doses.
    You may want to check out this link,

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