sources? for dried san pedro

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by SpidermanUFO's, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I have been reading experiences on the cacti and really wanted to try it sometime. I just want to get the dryed because all you have to do it eat it right? NO peeling or boiling or anything. Anyway I was wondering if any of you knew where a cheap, good, reliable, website was. Thanks again

    see ya
  2. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    you could eat 10-40 grams of dried cactus chips, but they might swell up a little once inside yr tummy... ymmv...

    i think that posting actual sources is seriously frowned upon here...

    if you go to psychedelic-oriented websites with sponsors, many of the sponsors will offer interesting products (often including dried Tricho-cactus slices)...

    some websites even have a vendor review page and/or discussion forum, or links sections for vendors...
    poke around some of these websites for this sorta stuff (not all links at all of these places are working, but enough to make it worth your while: (OK, 1 vendor, darn it - edit if you must - a vendor of a variety of nice peruvian products)

    that should keep you busy for a while, eh?
  3. mmelody

    mmelody Member

    Try the link in my sig...excellent site and very reliable...I know because my boyfriend runs it!!!
  4. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Google is always helpful.

    I've never done dried San Pedro, so I can't give you any advice along those lines. Wet San Pedro, when I did a simple liquid extraction, worked fairly well.

    Please remember to treat this plant with utmost respect, as it is truly sacred. Use the cactus only in a situation where you can really benefit from it spiritually. It is a wonderful plant that deserves respect.
  5. no psychedelic is supposed to be used for recreational use. I want to hear some people's trip reports, I want to see how hard you can trip on this wonderful cacti.
  6. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    If it's not for recreational use, why are you so concerned about how hard you can trip on it? It shouldn't make much of a difference for spiritual use.
  7. for me it does. It can't be spiritual if I don't trip hard. everyone is different that's how it's for me though. Tell me about some experiences I am ordering this week so I will be able to try it next week.
  8. I had approximately 50 g T. peruvianus dried (labeled as such, anyway) and I was just on the verge of being there....25 g @ T+00:00 and 25 g @ T+02:00. I took a nap at T+04:30 or so. Disappointing. I'll try another vendor.
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    Where did you get it from SchluBelberg ?

  10. crummyrummy

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  11. Domestic source, Amigo. I have some on the way from a new vendor who has some really decent introductory prices. Check
  12. khronus

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  13. I think we touched on that, khronus. With the exchange rate and international shipping, it's not cost-effective for me here. To the UK and back is an extra 7000 miles or so. Sacraments shouldn't be subjected to so much stress passing thru the territory of the mundanes. My cousin in Canada tells me she had a priority mail delivery Sunday around 17:15h. !00g. of the T. peru incense was divided into 3 equal piles. One pile was ground up in preparation for burning as incense. She began lighting the incense at about 17:30h and had ignited approx. 80 % by 18:30h. She decided that she should be patient and see what sort of aromas developed from the smoke. She said that by 22:00 the smoke was really becoming quite thick, and by 00:00 was so dense that she could barely see. Challenging was one of the words she used; profound was another. She said that there were still traces burning at 08:00 the next day, and at 11:00 residual sparks kept her from falling asleep. While meditating she said she had the strange notion that her avowed atheism was unfounded, and that she had encountered a facet of the divine. Quite amazing; she normally doesn't talk about her metaphysical journey/processes at all.

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