soundtrack to your odissey into the psychedelic smog...

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    hey ya i've got a soundtrack to a sort of easy rider part 2 ... it comes the cosmic music selection to take part of an astral revolution (it's always better than a hypotetic world revolution)

    here's the music to dance with the stars under a full hypnotizin' moon...

    the Pusher - Steppenwolf (68)
    Evil Woman - Spooky Tooth (69)
    Why? - the Byrds (66)
    Happenings Ten years time ago - The Yardbirds (67)
    Scarecrow - Pink Floyd (67)
    Draft Morning - the Byrds (68)

    With a little help from my friends - the Beatles (67)
    Rattlesnake Shake - Fleetwood Mac (69)
    Journey to the center of the mind - the Amboy Dukes (68)
    Winter - The Rolling Stones (73)
    We took the wrong step years ago - Hawkwind (71)
    the Mule - Deep Purple (71)

    2nd Vinyl

    Wishing well - Free (73)
    Whipping Post - The Allman Brothers Band(69)
    Melancholia - The Who (68)
    My Mirage - Iron Butterfly (68))
    No Face, no name, no number - Traffic (67)
    River Song - Dennis Wilson (77)

    Let me In - Jefferson Airplane (66)
    Beck's Bolero - The Jeff Beck Group (68)
    Stargazer - Rainbow (76)
    Love like a man - Ten Years After (70)
    Expecting to fly - Buffallo Springfield (67)
    Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (69)

    This is the collection of everyone's dream & if it's still not the case this is 'cause some of those songs still a mistery for your own memory... :D

    Tell me what's the selection of the album of your dreams ? :rolleyes:
    bye Mark

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