Songs that you know are just wrong....

Discussion in 'Music' started by jo_k_er_man, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. But you can't help but love'em....

    Mine personally is Panty Shot by Mindless Self Indulgence, so not that ya think i'm some sort of pedophile... i originally thought they just said "mitherfuckin panty shot" but i couldnt quite understand the bit before so after getting most of this tune stuck in my head.. i looked up the lyrics to find out that its "5 year old panty shot"... but the song is so damn catchy and immorally wrong that it would piss the wrong person off.. i love it

    5 year old pantyshot

    i can see between her legs
    5 year old pantyshot

    5 year old mother fuckin pantyshot cant complain
    i didnt even touch her so i cant be blamed
    5 year old
    pantyshot in my brain
    my life has meaning when she spreads her legs

    5 year old pantyshot
    i can see between her legs
    5 year old pantyshot

    shot shot shot

    5 year old mother fuckin pantyshot cant complain
    i didnt even touch her so i cant be blamed
    5 year old
    pantyshot in my brain
    my life has meaning when she spreads her legs
    5 year old pantyshot

    i suffer again because me want to fuck and touch
    and fuck and touch the children
    me fucked for life
    me grow old and then they dont want me but i still want them
    dey want me fucked cuz i be da monstar getting down in my evil ways
    down in my evil ways

    right me suffer again cuz me want to fuck and touch
    and fuck and touch the children
    they want me dead because i be da monstar dey see
    i dere baby they think im john wayne gacy
  2. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Well, some people doesn't seem to like this song, haha. Listen to it, it's 'only' rock 'n roll! ;)
    Ok, it is the eighties metal variant of rock 'n roll, but it still rocks.

    Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
    I got pictures of naked ladies
    Lying on their beds
    I whiff that smell and sweet convulsion
    Starts a-Swelling inside my head
    I'm making artificial lovers for free
    I start to howl I'm in heat
    I moan and growl and the hunt drives me crazy
    I fuck like a Beast

    I come round, round i come feel your love
    Tie you down, down i come steal your love
    I come round, round i come feel your love
    Tie you down, down i come steal your love

    I'm on the prowl and i watch you closely
    I lie waiting for you
    I'm the wolf with the sheepsskins clothing
    I lick my chops and your tasting good
    I do whatever i want to, to ya
    I'll nail your ass to the sheets
    A pelvic thrust and the sweat starts to sting ya
    I fuck like a beast

    I come round, round i come feel your love
    Tie you down, down i come steal your love
    I come round, round i come feel your love
    Tie you down, down i come steal your love

    Come ride, savage seduction
    Ride, ride, ride

    Listen and watch it here:
  3. Abused and sodomized little ten-sing whore
    Crying, screaming, begging for more
    Curly blonde hair, she's gasping for air
    Shut the fuck up!!!! Life is not fair!!!

    You can scream all you want!
    Preteen deathfuck!!!!!!!!

    Seven years old with two bleeding holes
    Fucked her for days in every thinkable ways
    Her innocent (???) cries couldn't milden my heart
    I stabbed and stabbed, and I cut her apart!!!!

    You can scream all you want!
    Preteen deathfuck!!!!!!!!

    Nattefrost - Preteen deathfuck


    Nazarene, nazarene bastard child!
    You were born from a whore and you
    Will bleed like she before!
    Sodomy, sodomy, raping you
    With my horns and hellish steel,
    Agony and pain to feel!

    Suffering, suffering baby cries.
    You may reach Gethsemane but not with
    Your virginity!
    Carpenter, carpenter - not your seed!
    Now you know the whore she was -
    Dead, defiled and bloody mass!

    Sodomy, sodomy, impurity!
    Hell will come without a doubt and
    You will not be helping out!
    Crucifix, crucifix in your ass!
    Rotting, dead, defiled and gone - so
    Is said so be it done!!!

    Horna - Black metal sodomy


    In scent of animal feces
    Barn in land of Jew
    From blood **** of Holy Mary
    Miracle infant rises

    In dirt and sweat of men
    After spilled blood
    And urine from **** bearer
    Clean and pure infant excites

    Victim of carnal atrocity
    Now tainted forever
    Raping baby Jesus
    One after another

    Clandestine Blaze - Raping baby Jesus

    hmmmm pedophilia. :)
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Damn Bart. Pedophilic songs are pretty wrong indeed. Don't really dig them, however I enjoyed Horna and Nattefrost live :tongue:

    Do you know Ancient - Vampirize Natasha? It's from a pretty melodieus album, but I bet you like this one:

    Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket
    Did you think I'd forget how sweet you taste,
    nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you,
    and still to peruse your love is such a waste.

    You lie there a vision of immaculate purity,
    yet your eyes reveal the insatiable whore
    and now I'll love sucking your vitality
    with you, my pretty. I just want more.

    First, I'll tear asunder thy mortal garments,
    unmasking your pale delicate flesh,
    then, I shall ravage your lovebroken body
    Sinking my teeth upon your tender breast.

    Violently, I'll fuck your pernicious ****,
    while consuming the precious life-force,
    thoroughly enjoying the sweet flavor.
    I'll vampirize you, Natasha, with no remorse.

    Until you shrivel into your casket, I shall continue to vampirize Natasha
  5. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    Hmm, well, this song isn't anything compared to what everyone has posted here, but it still could be taken in the wrong way:

    "Young girl, get out of my mind
    My love for you is way out of line
    Better run, girl
    You're much too young, girl

    With all the charms of a woman,
    You've kept the secret of your youth
    You led me to believe
    You're old enough
    To give me Love
    And now it hurts to know the truth, Oh

    Beneath your perfume and makeup,
    You're just a baby in disguise
    And though you know
    That it is wrong to be
    Alone with me,
    That come on look is in your eyes, Oh

    So hurry home to your mama
    I'm sure she wonders where you are
    Get out of here
    Before I have the time
    To change my mind
    'Cause I'm afraid we'll go too far, Oh
    Young girl"-Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
  6. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    yay for MSI

    hmm.. can't think of any songs that I would call 'wrong'

    :eek: what does that say about me?
  7. Zer0_II

    Zer0_II Member

    Anything by the Angry Samoans :)
  8. Bacchanalia

    Bacchanalia Member

    This song probably isn't as wrong as everything listed so far, but I still feel quasi-embarrassed about liking it so much:

    Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.
    It is so big. *scoff* She looks like,
    one of those rap guys' girlfriends.
    But, y'know, who understands those rap guys? *scoff*
    They only talk to her, because,
    she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay?
    I mean, her butt, is just so big. *scoff*
    I can't believe it's just so round, it's like,
    out there, I mean - gross. Look!
    She's just so ... black!

    [Sir Mix-a-Lot]
    I like big butts and I can not lie
    You other brothers can't deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a round thing in your face
    You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough
    'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed
    Deep in the jeans she's wearing
    I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
    Oh baby, I wanna get wit'cha
    And take your picture
    My homeboys tried to warn me
    But with that butt you got makes me feel so horny
    Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin
    You say you wanna get in my Benz?
    Well, use me, use me
    'Cause you ain't that average groupy
    I've seen them dancin'
    The hell with romancin'
    She's sweat, wet,
    Got it goin' like a turbo 'Vette
    I'm tired of magazines
    Sayin' flat butts are the thing
    Take the average black man and ask him that
    She gotta pack much back
    So, fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas! (Yeah!)
    Has your girlfriend got the butt? (Hell yeah!)
    Tell 'em to shake it! (Shake it!) Shake it! (Shake it!)
    Shake that healthy butt!
    Baby got back!

    (LA face with Oakland booty)
    Baby got back!

    [Sir Mix-a-Lot]
    I like 'em round, and big
    And when I'm throwin' a gig
    I just can't help myself, I'm actin' like an animal
    Now here's my scandal
    I wanna get you home
    And ugh, double-up, ugh, ugh
    I ain't talkin' bout Playboy
    'Cause silicone parts are made for toys
    I want 'em real thick and juicy
    So find that juicy double
    Mix-a-Lot's in trouble
    Beggin' for a piece of that bubble
    So I'm lookin' at rock videos
    Knock-kneeded bimbos walkin' like hoes
    You can have them bimbos
    I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
    A word to the thick soul sistas, I wanna get with ya
    I won't cuss or hit ya
    But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna *fuck*
    Til the break of dawn
    Baby got it goin' on
    A lot of simps won't like this song
    'Cause them punks like to hit it and quit it
    And I'd rather stay and play
    'Cause I'm long, and I'm strong
    And I'm down to get the friction on
    So, ladies! {Yeah!} Ladies! {Yeah}
    If you wanna role in my Mercedes {Yeah!}
    Then turn around! Stick it out!
    Even white boys got to shout
    Baby got back!

    Baby got back!
    Yeah, baby ... when it comes to females, Cosmo ain't got nothin'
    to do with my selection. 36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she's 5'3".

    [Sir Mix-a-Lot]
    So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playin' workout tapes by Fonda
    But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda
    My anaconda don't want none
    Unless you've got buns, hun
    You can do side bends or sit-ups,
    But please don't lose that butt
    Some brothers wanna play that "hard" role
    And tell you that the butt ain't gold
    So they toss it and leave it
    And I pull up quick to retrieve it
    So Cosmo says you're fat
    Well I ain't down with that!
    'Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin'
    And I'm thinkin' bout stickin'
    To the beanpole dames in the magazines:
    You ain't it, Miss Thing!
    Give me a sista, I can't resist her
    Red beans and rice didn't miss her
    Some knucklehead tried to dis
    'Cause his girls are on my list
    He had game but he chose to hit 'em
    And I pull up quick to get wit 'em
    So ladies, if the butt is round,
    And you want a triple X throw down,
    Dial 1-900-MIXALOT
    And kick them nasty thoughts
    Baby got back!

    (Little in the middle but she got much back) [4x]
  9. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    Oh, man haha. Don't even remind me of that song. I remember it being played on every station of the radio in my area a while ago. Definitely not my style of music at all, but it does fit well into this thread.
  10. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    how does that fit well into this thread??

    there's definently nothign wrong with liking a certain physical feature... =/
  11. Bacchanalia

    Bacchanalia Member

    I was thinking that it was wrong because of the whole objectification of women theme. And I probably only like the song because... well, baby got back. Heh.
  12. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    wow. you need slapped

    it's not objectifying women in anyway

    how come when a rapper does it is objectifying women
    but when Shakespeare or some shit does it it is poetry??
  13. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    That was uncalled for. Personal attacks are no way to support an argument, and please do not compare that garbage to Shakespeare.
  14. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    "you need to be slapped" is not a personal attack
    it is an opinion.

    and who is to say what should be compared to what?
    there are a lot of people out there that would prefer 'that crap' to Shakespeare
    but thank you for making my point for me
    whatever you don't like, you attack, whether by calling it degrading or by calling it 'that crap'
    however, whatever you do like, is excused of the same "offences"
  15. Bacchanalia

    Bacchanalia Member

    It's an opinion AND a personal attack! But it's all good.

    In this case, I actually do prefer "that crap" to Shakespeare. And I must admit, I don't know my Shakespeare very well, so I can't think of any examples of him objectifying women... but even if it's poetry or classic literature, if you're judging women (or men) solely on their appearances, as if they didn't have brains, then you're objectifying. By definition, no?

    Also, Baby Got Back is the only Sir Mix-A-Lot song that I'm really familiar with. So just to clarify -- I wasn't trying to attack the artist by implying that he's a woman-hater or anything. It's just that one song out of however many songs that he's made. And I wasn't even trying to knock the song too much either, because I like it!
  16. lunarflowermaiden

    lunarflowermaiden Senior Member

    Actually, it is a personal attack. You seem very hypocritical. You think Bacchanalia should be slapped for her opinion, yet you think I have no right to put your opinion down.

    Anyway, I was not trying to create a huge debate about the song. I was complimenting Bacchanalia by saying it was a good choice for the subject of this thread, which is how I feel about it. Everyone is allowed to like what they like, and I didn't mean to offend anyone by my "garbage" comment. I love Shakespeare's work, and I do not see a comparison between what he wrote and this song.
  17. PoisonedPenny

    PoisonedPenny Member

    "Itsy bitsy titsy girl"

    la la la la la la

    oh itsy bitsy titsy girl
    where are you
    oh itsy bitsy titsy
    said our love was true
    oh my itsy bitsy titsy
    so young and so unused

    now itsy bitsy titsy
    plays a mean hop-scotch
    as she does her little ditty
    I can stare at her crotch
    oh my itsy bitsy titsy
    little queen of double dutch

    now itsy bitsy titsy girl
    where are you
    oh itsy bitsy titsy
    with those eyes so blue
    oh i love how itsy bitsys
    little blouse is so see through

    so itsy bitsy titsy
    now your off to camp
    but I bet
    those itsy bitsy undies still are damp
    I'll be waiting for September
    in the playground outside
    your class

    now itsy bitsy titsy
    quit when i wasnt through
    I found a place to keep her hid
    where nobody knew
    now my itsy bitsy titsy
    lights up all of my afternoons

    oh itsy bitsy titsy
    as I came she blew
    still she doesnt hold
    her candle to her black
    silk suit
    as she clutches itsy bitsy titsy
    now we're three from two
  18. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    you definently do not know Shakespeare well then, if you would fairly say that this song objectifies women any more than some of his plays

    if that is your definition anytime that you look at someone you have not spoke to you are objectifying them in your own mind...

    he does not objectify women in this song, simply by recognizing that they have a choice on how they look.period.
  19. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    it was nothing personal, I was bothered by what she said, I would say that everyone that says that should be slapped..
    it is my opinion that she should be slapped for that opinion (by the way, something neither of you seem to understand is that when I say that, I am not being literal) she can have the same opinion about my opinion, I don't give a shit
    therefore, no hypocrisy
    not to nitpick, but that just always bothers me
    comparison = a contrast between two things that are not the same
  20. my ex's brother told me about this song.. forgot to dl it and see what it sounded like

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