Songs that relate to your day.

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  1. This one was a perfect fit for today.

    I met an old mistake walking down the street today
    I met an old mistake walking down the street today
    I didn't want to be mean about it
    I couldn't think of one good thing to say.

    West L.A. fade away, west l.a. fade away
    Big red light on the highway, little green light on the freeway.
    Got a steady job moving items for the mob
    Got a steady job moving items for the mob
    Know the pay's pathetic
    It's a shame those boys couldn't be more copacetic
    West L.A. fade away, west l.a. fade away
    Big red light on the highway, little green light on the freeway.
    I need a west L.A. girl, already know what I need to know
    I need a west L.A. girl, already know what I need to know
    Lord, just how far to go.
    West L.A. fade away, here's one chance you say.
    She tries to live by the golden rule.
    Said you treat other people right,
    Other people probably treat you cool.

  2. I told Althea I was feeling lost
    Lacking in some direction
    Althea told me upon scrutiny
    That my back might need protection

    I told Althea that treachery
    Was tearing me limb from limb

    Althea told me, now cool down boy
    Settle back easy, Jim

    You may be Saturday's child all grown
    Moving with a pinch of grace
    You may be a clown in the burying ground
    Or just another pretty face
    You may be the fate of Ophelia
    Sleeping and perchance to dream
    Honest to the point of recklessness
    Self-centred to the extreme

    Ain't nobody messin' with you but you
    Your friends are getting most concerned
    Loose with the truth, maybe its your fire
    Baby I hope you don't get burned
    When the smoke has cleared, she said
    That's what she said to me
    You're gonna want a bed to lay your head
    And a little sympathy
    There are things you can replace
    And others you cannot
    The time has come to weigh those things
    This space is gettin' hot
    You know this space is gettin' hot
    I told Althea, I'm a roving sign
    That I was born to be a bachelor

    Althea told me, OK that's fine
    So now I'm trying to catch her

    Can't talk to you without talking to me
    We're guilty of the same offense
    Thinking a lot about less and less
    And forgetting the love we bring

    -Robert Hunter ; jerry Garcia

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  3. I had a dream last night:

    I was in an apartment, it was near the top of a tall building and the afternoon Sun was pouring in between the dreary gray clouds. I was sitting in a living room area, it was pretty wide open, sparsely furnished, but very high class, complete with high end art, expensive furniture, and so on. I was talking to two of my very close female friends and another female friend who I have not seen in years. There was a somber and melancholic tone to the interactions, though I can't explain exactly what the cause of this atmosphete was. One of the girls was talking about how her friend would go on and on about the glorious noon Sun and the beautiful colors in the sky visible from the flat we were in.
    Then, the other two girls seemed to fade away, so it was just me and the girl I hadn't seen for years, we were talking, but not about anything important, and all the while I could just feel this heavy sadness emitting from both of us. Its a difficult feeling to describe, and and if I had to pick adjectives words like "beautiful", "deep" and "heavy" might come up, it was not "sadness" as sadness is normally known, it was just "deep" and "heavy" in a way that was reminiscent of what one might associate with melancholy, kind of like being brought to tears by some sorrowful beauty. Its useless for me to attempt to articulate the feeling, yet that was the most important feature of this dream.

    ...any way, this song was somehow connected to that dream.

    *This isn't a band I really like, I mean, I still kind of dig some of this bands reggae tunes, but this song popping into my head through that dream is incredibly uncharacteristic, it's not a band I would be listening to, and it's not a song that I particularly relate with, but whatever, I guess my mind is a wreck too complicated to attempt to decode, ill just leave it at that.

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    Because I plan on watching my annual Days of Thunder movie this weekend of every year. :p I will watch a little later

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  5. Glad someone else joined in.

    interesting stuff.
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  7. This is the "alternate" version, which I actually like better. So below ill post the alternate lyrics vs the regular lyrics

    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    Oh, what beautiful things he sees
    Oh, what beautiful things he sees


    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    Sugarman hasn't got a care
    He's been travelling everywhere

    Been on a voyage, across an ocean
    Heard the sweet sound, of wheels in motion
    He's seen the hawk fly high to hail the setting sun

    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    Sugarman hasn't got a care
    He's been travelling everywhere

    He's seen the people, in the city
    And the bright lights, they're awful pretty
    He's followed dusty tracks into eternity

    Eatin' sugar cane in Cuba
    Tried to grow it in Japan
    On the West Coast he's real famous
    Kids all call him Sugarman

    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    My friend Jack eats sugar lumps
    Sugarman hasn't got a care
    He's been travelling everywhere

    All of you who know me Will automatically understand how this song applies to my day, well, actually my chosen path in life. ... and all the little sugarees will tell you that I'm the sugar man.

    Below terence McKenna gives you some perspective on the LSD chemist:

    So I think that's another issue, that the psychedelics empower, with gnosis, true information. And every society is based on a lie of some sort. So having people going around the official lie and getting in touch with reality turns them into social dissidents. And you have to control that. I mean, that was exactly what happened in the 1960's. What happened was, too many people were getting stoned, and then checking out of the official canon of the culture. And people just said, you know, 'You can take that job and shove it.' And this was very alarming. Now every society can tolerate a certain amount of this. You always have people who just aren't playing the game. But what happening in the 1960's was that LSD entered the picture, and LSD is different from all other psychedelics in one tremendously important quality, and that is:

    A single skilled chemist, in a small apartment, with about $40,000 worth of equipment, in a single long weekend, can produce forty to sixty million hits of a drug. Forty to sixty *million* hits! This is a loaded gun at the head of society. Now I wrote a book on growing mushrooms, and years ago grew mushrooms quite a bit. And I can tell you, an absolutely dedicated mushroom grower, working his ass off for six months, can produce maybe four or five thousand hits of mushrooms. In other words, it's entirely a neighborhood phenomenon. It doesn't affect the dials that measure the fate of society. But you produce forty to sixty million hits of a drug, you have entered the realm of global politics. You now probably have more power -- you and your friends probably now have more power to affect the fate of the world than, let's say, the government of Switzerland. Well, no, not Switzerland, they have the banks. But -- the government of Finland, let's say. You have just shoved Finland out of the way and taken your place in the hierarchy. So no government would put up with that for a moment.
    -terence McKenna


  8. I ain't looking for answers
    I don't want nothing for free
    And I sure don't want your respect
    I just wanna know who's talking to me

    I have the advantage of not actually knowing any of my enemies. Seriously, I have no idea who these little fucks are, and the SURE AS FUCK don't know me.

    I can't even get mad and want to hate them, it's more just like: "who the fuck are you, and what makes you think you know a fucking thing about me, get a life bitch"

    Seriously, these people are total strangers to me and they obsess over every little thing I do, I mean, seriously, who the fuck has so little of a life that they can spend all their time obsessing over me?

    The fat bitch from the methadone clinic who looks like a man, and who probably in reality actually does have some gender identity issues, goes around talking shit about me, and I have no idea who she is, I don't know her, or it, or any of it's friends, I just know that ugly fat fucking thing creeps me the fuck out. What a fucking loser, she is one of these people that thinks being a bum makes them cool. Jesus, every psycho out there is attracted to me, it really sucks.
  9. Wow, this is what you relate with, and what describes your day?

    Interesting stuff.
  10. Ha! Two rancid songs in one thread, that's waaay Out of character for me, I fucking hate punk rock.

    Well, rancid has some reggae tunes that I can kind of dig, but honestly, it's kind of fucking strange that I would ever listen to these songs, or stranger yet relate with them in any way.
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    "Gotta get a little orange juice
    And a Darvon for my head
    I can't spend all day
    Baby layin' in the bed"
  12. Makes sense. Interesting song choice.

  13. I'm so goddamn tired,
    cant tell if I'm done, or just un-inspired
    and don't give me that you can be somebody speech
    that ain't your place, let me be
    I'm an example of a candle lit life
    with electric relaxation, brain trampled by devotion
    to remote control channel changin
    something provoked the whole globe to lower expectations
    damn, what's wrong with my generation?
    we was the cream of the crop
    but it seems we've been robbed
    that's what happens when you trade in all your dreams
    for a job

    and every day it gets less and less exciting
    I would make a difference but I'm busy faking this
    instead of trying
    change my shift from now to never and I'll pretend I'm fine
    why oh why are we stuck at the shitty end of the assembly line
    I guess I'm built to be intoxicated with hope
    sometimes it's a journey,
    most the time it's just a bad joke
    and in my scroll there's a junk drawer I can't organize
    the first to come in last to leave will never be immortalized
    this sort of life is completely overrated
    I'm sick of being the only one I know that's trying to make it
    so right now I'm heading home,
    got sounds of nature volume one
    my headphones and half a bottle of prednisone
    that's the reaction to an overdose of passion
    brainless, stagnant... aint it magic
    idea so what?
    do you have another hour i can borrow
    same shit, different year
    I never knew ambition could be so fucking disgusting
    I earn a good comission but it makes me feel so ugly
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  16. That eyedea song is for all you workers out there. I could never bring myself to get a formal job. The only difference between wage labor and slave labor is that in slave labor the lack of freedom in the situation is overt. wake up every day, and to have to call someone "boss" and be pushed around, and for what? Money? Give me a break, I wouldn't fall for that shit.

    everything you gather is just more that you can lose. -hunter/garcia

    I live for passion, not for profit. (...and oddly enough I seem to have more than those who brake their backs at work all day. Seriously, I'm not broke, and I'm not a bum, I'm just not buying into to this whole "work for money until you die" concept. )
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    You just call out my name
    And you know wherever I am
    I'll come running to see you again
    Winter, spring, summer or fall
    All you have to do is call
    And I'll be there
    You've got a friend

    By the way, I don't hear as well as I used to. And I broke my phone. Not that that that matters, since I have an unlisted phone number anyway. So . . .
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  18. Wow, you guys really relate to all that god awful garbage?
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    That made me bust up laughing. I'm sure you understand. :grinning:
  20. No, but it's cool. I only say what I mean, and mean what I say, I have no time for over thinking the actions of the insignificant. Well, insignificant in relation to my life anyway.

    I assumed you guys were trying to passive aggressively fill my thread with trash, but who the hell would have the time?

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