songs that give ya a lump in yer frote !

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mallyboppa, Jan 2, 2018.

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    At last! The official version of Lay Down, live, with the Edwin Hawkins Singers, recorded in Holland. She kept issuing takedowns for years.

    The audience looks like they're mostly in their 60s & 70s, staid Dutch seniors. And this is from the 1960s! So the audience was born around 1890s to 1910 or so... And they not only clapped along, but gave a standing ovation at the end...
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    So much hope, but ultimately so sad.
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    I am Probably the only person on here that has even heard This one !

    Geneve, take her to yourself
    and watch her while she rests
    she talks of you as home
    I'll try to get to her somehow
    while in your arms she lies
    I hope she will not feel alone
    and I, for the many things I've done
    carry on and play the same songs
    'cause I never knew, a better way of loving,
    do you?

    For she is so young, and my dreams
    will see me playing for the screaming ladies of Los
    and when I decided that would be my stage
    I was her age, I remember that was a tender time for me

    Geneve, Easter's been and gone
    and fate has played its hand
    and I am on my own
    but warm, is the hand that holds my arm
    and always leads me on
    so I never can stay long
    so smile, and I'll see you in a while
    as a tourist and a child, but not a loser
    for you know love, is a very much harder thing to have

    For I am still young, and it's true
    that I don't forget her, and I don't regret and I'm not
    going to
    and as I wipe away, all the traces of Lisa blues
    it is my shoes, that walk across the stage for the

    Geneve, take her to yourself
    and watch her while she rests
    'cause she talks of you as home

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    That'll be me ... again!
    Melancholy Muse

    Sorry ....
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    I like this one:

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