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Discussion in 'Recovery' started by mixmaster1314, Feb 20, 2012.

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    "Freshman year of high schools when I started to smoke.
    You could find me and my friends takin a toke.
    Pretty soon we were drinkin cough syrup to trip.
    Staring at walls-wondering what the fuck was this shit.
    Then I started gettin into cocaineee.
    The white girl takin my money faster than a hurricaneee.
    The old man introduced me to crack.
    I thank god everyday that he never took me back.
    Cuz your a fuckin addict,
    Your brains had it.
    Your stealing shit from loved ones for your sick ass habit.
    Finally got off that shit in January,
    I was clean up til the end of February.
    I used to live my life dedicated to HOPE.
    Up until I started self-medicating with the DOPE.
    That shit has got me stickin needles in my arms...
    Jesus Christ Nate WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!"

    First "verse" I have written so far... Still working on it. I started it off as a rap :)2thumbsup:) LOL. But now I am turning it into a acoustic guitar song. I play guitar... I have a rough version actually recorded from New years day of this year with some of my friends, Ill post it tomorrow because its on my home computer. Thanks.
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    Cool I'd like to hear it
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    Yea I still need to host it again. Ill get it on eventually LOL

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