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Discussion in 'Free Love' started by BuffyS123, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. BuffyS123

    BuffyS123 Guest

    I love sucking cock and taking it up the ass. My guy likes me to suck him, but does not like to go up the ass as much as I'd like. Is there something wrong with me that I like to suck cock and take it in the ass as much as being fucked and having my pussy licked?

    I also love to fantasize of being dominated by 2-3 guys at once. This does not seem to be common among other women that I know.
  2. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    Nothing wrong with you that I can tell.
  3. sunfighter

    sunfighter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Nothing wrong with you. Just keep communicating.
  4. xpc316e

    xpc316e Guest

    I think that there are quite a few women who think exactly as you do, but they are often rather reluctant to admit it because they suspect that 'society' might judge them as being sluts. We are entering an age in which can be more open and honest regarding our sexuality, especially on internet forums, and women such as you are pioneers.

    In time, I am sure that both men and women will be much more confident about openly sharing their likes, dislikes, and fantasies. There will always be those who are judgmental; one only has to look at the reaction of some people on this forum when a person does not share their views and opinions on sexual matters, but there numbers will dwindle.

    So my advice to you is to enjoy your sexuality, glory in it, and celebrate it for what it is. If you suppress it there is every chance that you will leave this life regretting more what you did not do, than the things you did.
  5. enhancer13

    enhancer13 Senior Member

    Seems normal to me!
  6. Mike0606

    Mike0606 Member

    I don't think theres anything wrong with you. I believe that there are just as many woman as men who enjoy and want things that are considered more "extreme", but it seems that its just cooler for guys to talk about it and request it than it is for women. If you're in a good sexual relationship, you should feel comfortable communicating this. As for the dom/2-3guys at once fantasy, it often becomes a balance or tradeoff between choosing to stay in your relationship and be monogomous, and getting the sexual satisfaction from things you really enjoy and fantasize about.
  7. creampie00

    creampie00 If you can't DODGE it....RAM it!

    haha, nothing is wrong with you at all, I love all of those things and want it all the time too. We need to get it all in before we get droopy and rickety. Your sexual appetite is healthy and it doesn't make you a slut. And so what if others think you are, they are just jealous!
  8. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    Common is synonymous with boring. There's nothing wrong with you. Most guys would value this quality in a woman. Don't ever feel guilty about what you like.
  9. Touch of Eros

    Touch of Eros Member

    Yeah, no worries!

    My girlfriend doesn't like sucking, but likes anal ALL thee time. My last girlfriend constantly had her mouth on me, but never asked for anal. Everyone is different, especially where sex is concerned.

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