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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by legal_rasta, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. legal_rasta

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  2. nocareever

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    fuck her (olivia m.) , she is so retarded , the author is only feeding racism to grow bigger by doing this.
  3. They may be a hater but they are intitled to there own opinion, wether or not the reader agree's or not is up to the reader but everyone is entitled to there opinion, thats just my personal opinion,lol!!!
  4. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    Sure they can have their opinion but what is the point in trying to convince people of that. Sure she can say what she wants, but its wrong... There is a difference between fact and opinion. Dreads are dirty, False, so it cant really be an opinion. IDK. but yeah. I dont see why they felt the urge to tell people why white people arent allowed to wear dreads.
  5. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

  6. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    She's welcome to come tell me exactly why she thinks I have my hair in dreads, I think it would be an illuminating experience for her. :)
  7. Perhaps she is just as mis informed, either way im not gonna loose sleep because someone has an opinion i may not agree with, sure its misinformation, but it seems as though the replys she got will also set the record straight and perhaps open her mind to a greater perspective, no point to get pissed over a blog, fuck em i say. Not everyone in the world has the same beliefs, if anything she should be applauded for having the gal to post such a controversial topic, for controversy is not a bad thing, it opens one's eye's to knew possibilitys, besides if she is truly set in what she believe's well its her right as an individual, perhaps the better thing to do would be to reply to her blog and correct her misinformation. All this anger over a blog is a waste of energy, let bygons be bygons, she will wake up some day.

    She may be fueling racism but you are fueling hate, peace everyone peace, just because she has an opinion you dont like doesnt make her retarded, it makes her human.
  8. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    nice, but it would be way cooler to see it in person.
    i doubt that person would say any of that to someone with dreads in person, but the serving (illumination) being done by the person with dreads would be awesome to watch.

  9. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    You gotta admit, that was funny....
  10. I agree man, where is people's sence of humour,lol. I find some dreadys to take things too personaly, laughter is the best medicine especially when it comes to arogant and selfish people.
  11. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    well this is sort of funny because this person assumes they know why you have dreads, for the culture? and they also probably know nothing about the culture they speak of....

    Well, which culture would that be (could be many), and the rest is just malarki. And they know nothing about dreads yet they seem to have all these great reasons why you cant be a true dread haver.
  12. Exactly man, just laugh at her ignorance, no need to get hopping mad, as long as you know the truth and that she has it wrong thats all that really matters, as i said her blog has had so many reply's stating the truth it will be hard for anyone to be misled. Nice post by the way, im glad you posted that link.
  13. legal_rasta

    legal_rasta Member

    idk i just get frustrated when people are like that. and yeah at least she got told off with truth from other people...
  14. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Someone in that post mentions that they have yet to meet a white dreadie who was not privileged beyond belief. While I know this is not true, I think that is something we need to understand and take to heart.

    Many of us are indeed privileged. Being white, by default, is a privilege. Being a white male is more of a priviledge. We have to acknowledge that in order to deal with racism. Many of us will never worry about being homeless, or not having any money, or facing racism the way a person of color would. Dreads or no dreads.

    Do I think people of priviledge should not wear dreads? Of course not, because I don't believe dreadlocks belong to the disenfranchised. However, that is a valid concern they have, and I can see where they are coming from and how frustrating that must be.
  15. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    You want to try being a white male 20-something in the UK, its back of the line for everything. The only privilege is that people expect you to be able to fend for yourself because you sure as well ain't getting a helping hand.
  16. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Regardless of what the situation is like now, privilege has led to that. There is no way to say it hasn't. The entire situation is wildly unfortunate, and I know that we all struggle a great deal now.

    Being first in line for benefits is NOT privilege.
  17. pypes

    pypes Hot alien babes

    Id say your wrong, Ive never enslaved anyone, I'm not from a rich family, I'm not elegable for loads of training schemes because of either my age, gender or colour, I can't get buisness grants because of my age, gender, colour or lack of criminal record, all things being equal an ethnic candidate will be hired ahead of me.

    You can tell me the british empire was built on the back of slaves or trade exploitation or an 100 other dubious arguments but the working class of britan have toiled for generations only to find themselves at the back of the line.
  18. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    this woman can take her opinion and shove it.

    it is nothing but misinformation

    fuels hate

    this woman took something that frustrated her in her life and projected it on something she knows nothing about. she did not enlighten anyone, but just frustrated others.

    ill applaud this woman when i applaud hitler for ending the depression by starting a war and murdering jews.

    "You want to try being a white male 20-something in the UK, its back of the line for everything." true, on the dot in my government's eyes. its no excuse for making hate, but being born at a disadvantage to someone who you think would be your equal is frustrating.
  19. Hitler is no comparisson to dreads, the murder of millios of jews is far worse then what this women has said, Also as for your fuels hate, i dont see any difference in the vibe coming from your posting, who is everyone to put someone down for there freedom of expression, we live in a free world people, tisk to you for its reasons like this people are too scared to voice there opinions, stop the hate and accept the fact that she is human and has the right to feel however she may, same to you and everyone else, saddens my soul to here how one womens blog has hurt so many, grow up i say, for words are just words, like i said before im not gonna loose sleep over her blog, nor did it effect me so negativly, but then again i truly believe in freedom of speech, in the end is a blog really worth putting someone down over, i think not. Those who put down others are just as arogant and ignorant, i applause her, for it takes alotta gal to freely express yourself and take the critisism
  20. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Sativa, good post.

    I've found far more reasons to dislike my dreads amongst those who support them, than those who do not. It is very easy to read something and think... do I *really* want to be associated with *that*?

    I see an interesting thing on this forum in particular. I've worn dreads off and on since I was 15, so it's been about 8 years now. My interest in dreads came from a place where people are getting back to the land, to the community. A sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, and honesty. I don't see that here anymore, not to the degree that once existed. I wonder if it's possible that dreads have become more mainstream and a different group of people are being brought here?

    I continuously have to remind myself that the fact not everyone with dreads is the same; the same thing someone who hates them would have to remind themselves.

    It's an interesting paradox, that I need to accept the same thing someone who believes we don't have the right to dreads needs to accept. That one person with dreads is not representative of all people with dreads.

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