someone help! tonight was horrible! * really long*

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Dark Star, May 14, 2004.

  1. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    ok..well tonight was my gf's band banquet. and we got all dressed up and such and the plan was to stay there for a while. dance. then leave and hang out. well i cant dance..well i might be physically capable...but its the most insecure thing about me. ill do everything BUT that..ok..its like some ppl cant jump out of plans...i just cant dance. she knows this. but we were planning on giving it a shot at this banquet. anyways. we get there and its SEEMS to be fine. we arent giving much eye contact and this is a big thing for me. makes me know if they are interested in anything or not. anyways. atfer we eat and they show a slide show or whatever they start the dancing. and me and my gf's friends bf dont dance lol and we just hung out at the table while my gf, vanessa, and marissa all went and danced together. and they said were gonna come and drag u onto the dance floor to make us dance. well.. a few fast songs go by and a slow one comes along. we both go to them to dance with them and me and my gf dance..but she doesnt look at me ONE time. i tell her in her ear that im sorry i just cant dance. and she just tells me its ok and that she has her friends to dance with. well that was fine. after we finish dancing to that song. she starts dancing with her friends again. and so me and my non dancing guy friend go sit back at the table. and before long. my gf's dancing with an other guy...and i thought i wouldnt freak out..but i did...i mean it wasnt THAT dirty or anything it was just that they were close ya know..and it just made my stomach drop and i couldnt take it so i went outside. and got air and called my gf's best friend cuz im friends with her and i knew shed know her best. she talks me through it. and shawnel (my gf) comes outside. and i just tell her that im dissapointed in my self because i wont dance and she asked me if i was pissed at her and i said no i dont want to get into this and im sure i ruined your night and im sorry i never ment for that to happen. well..she goes back inside and i follow a few mins later and go sit down. she dances with her friends again.. and before long...shes dancing with an other guy was dancing BEHIND HER! now this is nothing BUT sexual...ok...theres so real reason for it but that. anyways this guy is not just some stranger.. his names justin...hes in my 1st period class and hes a HUGE and him chose to mess around a year or so ago. and they made out but the thing was that she got ontop of him and he said "your ugly" just joking around but shawnel gets really offended by jokes. anyways they are really good friends still but i was allways worried about them. and thats was the LAST person id want her to dance with. anyways i walked out at that point again and stayed out there for like 30 mins talking to her best friend again getting advice. and she walks out and tell me she wants to go home. so i start taking her home and i asked her to tell me honestly if i ruined her night and she was like "YEAH!" and i knew she was pissed and im like look i know you were dissapointed that i wouldnt dance and im sorry its just the most insecure part about me is dancing and i didnt know how id react to you dancing with other guys but i just couldnt handle it and im sorry if you get mad about that but its just how i feel. and i said in any other case would you think id be comfurtable with you rubbing your body againced an other guy? and that just because music is in the background it makes an escuse? she just said what are you talking about. i asked her what she wanted from me. and shes like..what kinda question is that? what do you want from me? and i just said that i was you to support me and be there for me when i feel insecure or unconfurtable. and she said when were you unconfurtable when you went to the banquet and i said no when you danced with other guys. she said that she couldnt talk about it because she was just too angry. i called carra back (her best friend) and asked her to talk to her for me. and she did and basically she said that she was upset because i told her id dance and i didnt. and that she was pissed cuz i got upset because she was dancing with other guys and that i stormed out and had to deal with ppl saying wheres cruz and blah blah. and she said she wasnt going to break up with me but she didnt want to talk to me tonight so i should call tomarrow....seriously...this night was horrible....what should i do
  2. Orsino

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    Well... lol... I can see it from my point of view, because I don't know... well, I guess I could dance, but... I usually dance with myself if I do, but, anywho, hmmm... maybe you really shouldn't try to bring anything up, but let her cool off a little bit, try to make it up to her, and simply tell her you're sorry (which you might have already done, but...).... but her getting mad over such a little thing... lol... think of it this way, if you danced with a bunch of other women like she danced with other men, how would she feel? How would she think? How would she react? And if she didn't know how to dance and you asked her to dance in front of a bunch of people she knew and in front of friends, what would she do? Just try to make it up to her in any way you can. Hope everything between you two works out.
  3. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    *hugs* damn dude, you sound pretty shot up!

    give it time, let you both think it me it sounds as if she was being a bit mean, but that is from your side of the story. try not to let it get you down too much though!
  4. hmm, learn how to dance. let the music take you over. be one with the beat. then you shall steal your girl from the evil clutches of other men.

    but hun, dont get too worked up over it, if she wanted to dance and you didnt you cant tell her who to dance with. dancing is one of those things,it happens.

    you should try to dance. even i make the effort and i gave up dancng when i was 13!!
  5. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    i wrote her a 3 page letter last night because when i talk to her i cant ever remember what to say and my emotions take over and i say something stupid. but yea it looks like im going to have to give her a lil more time than i wanted to. i wanted to take a shower right now and get out and text her saying "can we talk,i need to see you" and then go over there but nooooooo i have to mow the freaking lawn then wait for my dad to come home with my car and then do it. this is gonna be a long day. thanks for the support. im hopeing once she reads the letter she may understand a lil bit better even if she has questions i think that i apologized pretty well in it so i think maybe things will lighten up a bit.
  6. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Hope it gets better dude, I feel for ya.
  7. Dark Star

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    things are better she read the letter and we talked. it will never be forgotten but were moving past it. we went back to the first place we went on a date ( a beautiful lake ) and just chilled out there by the water and when we were leaving i finnaly gave her a huge. it was great cuz it was the kinda that lasted a long time and there was definate "squeezage" hahaha. then in her room about an hour later we kissed again and we went bowling hahaha. but afterwards we ate and then went back to her house were we made out for a while and now im home and feeling ALOT better than last night
  8. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    wadda ya mean you went bowling?
  9. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Bowling- the art of loading a bowl of marijuana.
  10. Dark Star

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    hahaha nah me and her and a few fews went to the bowling alley and bowled. it was pretty funny cuz we all sucked really bad but it was fun making fun of each other
  11. first of all, i cannot belive i read that whole thing. if i was in any other state of mind i would never have read that. anyways, u should hold on, hang in there. im sure things welill work out. and im gonna be honest ehre and say that i dont really kno what to do, so im just gona say it will be ok, cuz thats what i say all the time to things when i dont kno what to say

    PEACE and LOVE
  12. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    hahaha i didnt expect for many ppl to read it but its cool and thanks for the help and support. its a hard thing to go through and were getting there wish us luck. peace :)
  13. Well, lol, I think you both kind of over reacted... She was just dancing with someone else... No big thing here... But her to say you ruined her night? You should know you didn't... She probably just said that because she wanted you to feel bad instead of be angry with her for her dancing with other guys... Don't even worry about it... "This to shall pass..." :)

    ~ Sapphire
  14. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Yeah... I really need to get a life for myself sometimes.... I keep giving parts of my life to other people.
  15. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    hahaha its cool george ill take your advice on any subject you crazy crazy cat heheh

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