Some success seen in Iraq

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by wackyiraqi, May 3, 2007.

  1. mandell

    mandell Banned

    In the bigger scheme of things, I guess, one standing hospital in working condition can be considered a sign of success.

    Similarly, in the mind of George Bush, just give war a chance, and the fact that the sun will rise again tomorrow morning is surely an "early sign of success"

    12 U.S. forces slain in three days; suicide bomb kills 30 in Baghdad market
  2. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Know problem.

    That's a ''positive'' Yeah ? .

    There is a LOT we do not hear about. To be fair i think that ''mainstream'' media paint international diplomacy and relations in very broad strokes - obviously you can locate information that is a little bit more indeph - if you try.
  3. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    There is obviously more than that - the oversight was very very small - a mere few %s of the total reconstruction efforts and there status.
  4. earthmother

    earthmother senior weirdo

    I think the government's take on what constitutes "success" may be alot different than us "regular" folks' idea of success. If the only goal was to destroy a culture and a country and get our hands on the oil, then it's been a STAGGERING success.
  5. wackyiraqi

    wackyiraqi Senior Member

    Who knew predictability could be so amusing.:)
  6. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned


    To be fair we ALL play our roles - all I was attempting to do is lift gardeners spirits a bit - he was soooo negative. I thought looking at a few brighter aspects of all this - might lift his spirit. The default for the majority here is to always look on the bleak and miserable side - anybody think if they looked at a few positives there worlds would implode.
  7. sentient

    sentient Senior Member

  8. wackyiraqi

    wackyiraqi Senior Member

    Me and some people have found this amusing for years. You can literally predict how some people are going to respond certain information (Higherthanhell, Guy, etc..) Check out this thread.

    Notice the time on the post above and then look at the time at the first post in this thread. Kind of interesting.
  9. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    I know I know - it IS predictable how SOME people react but WE react with the same predictability. Well I try and NOT to be THAT predictable - Maybe the difference is WE are self aware of the predictable nature of our and others reaction and can remove the 4th wall and look within.

    I have yet to see a concilitory note from the MAJORITY of people here. I think gardener is close but no cigar. I have given up with Higherthanhell, Guy.

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