Some stones I painted when I was young

Discussion in 'Art' started by McLeodGanja, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Hi, I recently became re-acquainted with a small art project of mine I undertook for a short while when I was about 12. I decided to take up stone painting for some reason, but like most things when I was that age it was a passing fad. They've pretty much been in storage since then in my parents loft, but I recently took them out and I think they look rather fetching atop my new lavatory. I only did 5 in total as far as I can remember, the first two shown in the pics are just copied from the covers of computer games, but the other two I got a bit more creative. The 4th one I think was modeled on the planet Jupiter, which I have always been fascinated by. The 5th is safely tucked away in my storage boxes because it's shit.

    Anyway, the problem I have is that with them being so old and now being constantly exposed to condensation in the air, the paint is starting to wear. I just wondered if anyone knew of something that I could use to paint over them that would preserve their look without affecting the colour?


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    spray with clearcoat (test a small section underneath first)
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    I used to do that with stones found on the Loch.
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    you left the seat up...or is that what the fancy device is?
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    thats beautiful, these painted stones:)
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    yaya , i've been coloring on stones lately with colored pencils . i spray them with clearcoat acrylic . it doesn't change the balance of color tone , however , it adds brilliance .
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    I have never seen someone do that with a toilet. A toilet weight to keep the seat up.

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