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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Woodward, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Woodward

    Woodward Member

    Hey guys, I've been reading on here for a while now and registered not to long ago. First time poster!

    Ok, I have (had) about shoulder length blonde hair and decided to start dreads instead of wasting all this time just to cut it short. So I did the separate and backcomb the hell out of my hair by a friend probably close to 2 months ago. I've got a couple good sections of my hair in pretty good dreads, but after washing my hair a couple days ago, just about all of my hair came undone. :(

    I've been washing my hair every 2 week, carefully with dread shampoo. Been working on them naturally too (no wax, just rubbing a ton and rubberbands).

    Any tips on knotting? I was thinking of a bath in salt water would help. I've been palm rolling and rubbing the clumps at the root. A friend yesterday suggested that I tease/backcomb my hair often..

  2. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    should be reading more.

    less rubbing, no rubber bands.

    backcombing comes undone in different degrees for everyone. if anything it just helps train the hair and help section it. a backcombed piece of hair is not a lock, so your backcomb fell out, not the lock.

    hair is difficult to keep from locking over time, there is little you could do by accident to prevent it from locking.

    do not backcomb again.

    what is this lock shampoo you are using?

    sea salt will help things lock, but dont use too much or too often or it will cause problems.

    post some pics so we know what we're dealing with.
  3. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    atop messingf with it so much over rubbiung and rolling will not only cause sectiins to come unraveled byrt could cause them to fall off entirely
    do a few sea salt sprays a months wash weekly and wear a wool hat alot ..other then that dcont do nothing but seperate em if they try to grow together too much
    and be patient

    keep in mind that evereyone will have an opinion of what you should do and wont be shy about telling you you should backcomb till they break or cake em in wax or whatever but the fact is you dont gotta do nuthin at all and dreads will happen
    im betting the freind that suggested that dont got dreads right?
    or if he does probly has wax in em?

    you say your hairs long well long hair loves to drewad if u just leave it alone and give it time
    so just forget all about your hair awhile no attention to it at all and in a few months you'll bve surprised at the results
  4. Unfourtunatly there is no such thing as instant dreads.
    Id have to agree with soaring eagle on this one, Ive had few different set of dreads throught the years and i find the best dreads always happen when you just forget about your hair, seperate the dreads of course, but hey dreads are time and patience, nature does the work for you just hang in there and dont give up, its all part of the wonderfull dready journey trust me, its all worth the wait.
  5. Woodward

    Woodward Member

    Cool, thanks guys.

    I have some DreadheadHQ shampoo that I bought a while back before I started on these which is what I've been using every 2 weeks and that's it as far as washing.

    No wax evar, and I had rubberbands in them at first and now again a couple days ago just near the roots bc they were separating :( But there are signs of hope. I always wear a beanie but may invest in a wool one now.

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