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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by reef, May 8, 2004.

  1. reef

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    grassy hills

    they talk
    of grassy hills

    where even an idea
    takes shape

    of grassy hills
    where love is tangible

    in the fruits you eat
    the hills you roll on

    where a flutter
    of the soul

    the decieftul sounds of

    in the rising sun

    as a new day begins
  2. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

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    it is not always the night that lays deciet upon our eyes but the blinding light as well, for absolution from deciet lies in a comprehensive understanding.

    much love :)
  3. reef

    reef Member

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    the light shows us for who we are
    were guilt cannot hide
    and absolution comes in the form of acceptance
  4. reef

    reef Member

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    herez a poem i wrote 'bout this chikc thaz pretty coolz haha

    tears( it's the title yo duzn msitaek ttiz for beingsz like partz ftho the poem or aynythig)

    how your smile
    will lift any curse

    will always be
    why others love you

    how your tears
    will always bring me to tears

    will always be
    why i love you
  5. maryjaneguitargurl

    maryjaneguitargurl I am just like you.

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    hey those are good chicken....

  6. reef

    reef Member

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    you were lost in a garden of weeds
    and i found you

    i cared for you
    and let you grow
    to be yourself
    yes! i always told you to be yourself

    now that your lost in the world

    i hope you find someone

    when i found you, i was lost too
    lost in the garden of my life

    lost and the only ray of hope i saw
    was you
    your star shinning brighter than any

    so bright
    you took me up with you

    now my time is up
    my star no longer shines
    a faint hue now resides in place of that vibrant light
    that vibrant light you oh so helped me build

    go on
    don't look back, don't be sad

    be content
    be honest
    and all your dreams will find you
  7. reef

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    yoyo i gotz another one haha

    cold winter's night
    sadness drizzles down
    with the rain

    a dark haze
    uncertainty upsures

    gloomy lethargic travels

    rush thrill fun

    running through the rain with you
    how can i think of sadness whenever it drizzles

    watching other couples sharing umberllas
    squished up together

    softly parading my arms around you
    trying to keep you dry, knowing in reality
    i would love to see you get wet

    quickly darting
    trying effortlessly to dogde puddless
    through the rain

    that musky oder
    when you take off all your wet clothes

    trying my best to contain myself

    trying my best to keep you warm
    on this cold winter's night
  8. reef

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    this feeling
    always being hungry
    always dreading the night

    knowing another day will pass
    and i will not be able to sleep

    i know im falling down down
    and i don't even care

    don't care what happens
    to me

    but the one shinining light
    is you

    my family
    i wouldn't dissapoint you

    for the world
    but the world isn't somehing i can have

    and neither is your apporval

    oh! what you would say if you only knew
    your little son

    oh! he has surley grown up
    happy on the outside

    but oh so hurtful inside
    how i long to ask you
    to tell you of my trouble
    my worries
    my misgivings

    but how i know you will think so much less of me
    to know what i have done
    to have seen the things i have seen
    to know the things i have known

    how i dread the night
    how i wish for sleep

    where i would dream of better days

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