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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by Cosmic Butterfly, May 29, 2006.

  1. Im sick of these extreme animal rights activists or peta people being obsessed about animals to point that they are truly mean, and cold hearted people. Dysfunctional too. Some of these people "care" so much about animals, and yet hold a disgust for their own fellow human beings. They even interact and treat animals better than another person! You know exactly what I am talking about!
    An article came out in the local newspaper about a Chef who cooked exotic animals all over the world. It even said that Bichon Frise puppy meat was the best out there. This chef then said he loved to cannibalize people, and had rich clients who loved the meat of Mexicans. At the end of the article he said he was hoping to get a Mexican baby that a poor woman would sell him. Anyway, this article was a hoax. But the scary thing was the 90% of the responses were from dog lovers raising hell about the Bichon Frise dog. There were even death threats from the dog lovers. Yet none of these people mentioned the mexican baby, and then there were very few outcries about the cannibalism.
    So WTF. Compassion is not conditional to a species of animal. Compassion should be for every living organism. It just makes me sick, when I go into a place like Petsmart and this lady is so open to running over to a dog, and showering it with supreme love and affection. And then a human walks by and she doesnt even mutter hello or some sort of acknowledgement.
    Its psychotic. America is freaking psychotic, it treats its pets like Deities while there is children starving to death on the street all over the world even here.
    There needs to be balance. Also some of these people need a reality check. The people Im talking about are the ones who cannot even watch a documentary on Lions or some sort of predator without feeling that the lion is evil, and cruel for eating that baby gazelle!
    Its the nature of our this planet! There is no escaping it. Ying and Yang. Balance. Everything is not love light and gushy rainbows dripping honey flavored lotuses! Biatch!

    So this my RRrrrant![​IMG]
  2. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Do totally agree with your stance, though can in a way understand their reasoning.

    When you get that far into the suffering of animals, dealt and perpetuated by humans it can be hard to comprehend and empathise with the latter. I know so many fellow activists [decent, sensible people] who have questioned their faith in humanity due to it's inherent large scale cruelty.

    Animals are also generally more amiable. Their relative helplessness makes people feel if not loved then needed. An animal's loyalty is uncomplicated and they generally don't put emotional demands and conditions on their guardians. That's without shallow reasons like them being cute.

    People form deep attachments to their companions of any species, and psychology shows they will relate better to them than strangers they have no connection to. We show that same preference to people too.
  3. Elle

    Elle Senior Member

    we all have our "issues" that we are passionate about and are working to change the world for the better. mine happens to be animals and their welfare. if a dog and a baby passed by me in a store somwhere i would give lots of attention to the dog for sure and i know i would "ignore" the baby. why? im not partial to babies, i dont think they are cute and there is no part of me that desires to coo all over some baby. that does not mean that i "hate the human race". i would still treat all humans with equal respect. furthermore i do not expect everyone to "like" animals but i do expect everyone to respect them and their lives. everyone has their charity. hell, practically everytime i hear in the media about a charity that is being given lots of money it has to do with humans or children. ALOT of people just care about humans and don't give a rip about animal rights. i do not expect everyone to make animal rights their "charity" or passion just because it's important to me and someone should not expect that i would make "starving children" my charity. that does not mean that i am apathetic to the cause itself but i am only one person and can only do so much and what i choose to do with my time and money is help animals..

    and in NO WAY are all children or humans getting the short end of the stick in relation to animals. please, with factory farming still big business among other things........
    infact the world is just very recently coming to regard "companion" animals as real family....real souls with feelings and not just some "dog" they throw out in the yard. i think it's great.
  4. Kittymoose*

    Kittymoose* Member

    I agree that sometimes things can get a bit...fanatic. Sure, I love animals. I refer to my gerbil, Skit, as my 'baby'. But I love people too. Sure, I don't like how some people are cruel to animals. It's terrible. It's also terrible that people are cruel to people as well. Now, I'm also more likely to coo over a puppy rather than a baby, but then, as Elle said, I'm not partial to babies. That's not to say I don't like people though. At work, my job is to pretty much greet people and be helpful to them, something that I enjoy. People need to be able to find a balance, and to be able to see that there is always two sides to any coin.
  5. I know that everyone has their lifes work and Im not dissing that. That is not the point of the thread. So Im just trying to express that alot of these people can make a better point to the majority of people if they tried to be more aware and balanced.
    Compassion should not be conditional.
    I think we can all start by trying to treat human and animals equal. People treat animals badly because most likely they are treated badly....
    Alot of people look at extreme animal rights activists as stuck up, arrogant, and mean bastards. And alot of times it true, these people need to get their heads out of dog's or bovine's ass and share the love. Cause it starts with the people, and alot of these people are doing more harm then good for the treatment of animals in the long run.

    So next time instead of ignoring the baby and mother we should try to at least say hello. Because we were all a baby one time. And in a spiritual sense its a form of positive transference upon the child and mother.... Then the lady will think "This girl is a nice person, not one of those overly crunchy pet fascists that Im afraid to open my mouth around. She seems so warm, perhaps she is "ON" to something". Then as you walk away with your Peta shirt on, and Meat is Shit buttons on your purse she will think twice in a positive way.

    God, Im trying to express this the best I can but its hard right now. I have been working all day. :)
  6. Jennasia

    Jennasia Member

    For a lot of people animals are easier to love. They love you unconditionally and greet you with over joyed enthusiasm everytime they see you. Who else greets you this way everytime you walk through the door?

    They don't scold you they don't judge you they don't lie to you, deceive you or stab you in the back. They're pure in their thoughts and their actions everything they do is genuine and instinctive.

    Dogs are loyal and faithful even when they're beaten by their owners. They have a childlike innocence and that's why many people view them like their own children.

    I have a great amount of respect for animals, I think they're way cooler then people.
  7. DQ Veg


    Unfortunately, I feel the same way. My dog that just died last month stuck with me through thick and thin, and was still with me after my wife and two serious girlfriends got up and boogied. In my experience, people that aren't able to love animals don't have a lot of ability to love people either.

  8. Sorry I dont think animals are pure of heart and egoless. Thats what humans try to impart upon animals, so they can make themselves feel warm and fuzzy inside. I guess we are all guilty of ego stroking from an animal....
    Im going to give animals more credit than what you stated though.
    Like today we were observing a bunch of ducks at the local park. This female duck was being viciously attacked by the males. It had nothing to do with mating. Anyway, animals are not perfect nor are they pure of heart. They too have personalities, habits, and they are actually conscious! They may not have the problems we humans have to deal with, but it doesnt mean they are all Old Yeller, and Bambi.

    Especially with dogs you have to be the leader of the pack or the dog will take advantage of you. How can you say a dog is pure of heart in actions when it quickly learns what it can get away with if your not home or not the leader of the pack? She will never try to take food out of my hand, but my toddler is an easy target, despite my baby's protests...Dogs are clever.If they could they will steal your food, growl at you if try to make it get off the couch etc and the endless behaviour problems owners have with their dog...Go check out any dog forum and you will see what I mean, or watch the Dog Whisperer. Dogs are intelligent animals, and they also have a selfish and greedy side to them.
    I dont think dogs are way cooler than people. LOL They are definately cool and interesting animals. But the rational side of me really has to think that all organisms are cool in way or another.
  9. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    I admit, I like animals more than people.
  10. And I admit that I like all creatures whether it be man or diatom(those cool geometric animals in my sig). So Im nice to animals, and I wave at people. Because we are all on this Earth plane together for now. I want to spread good vibrations to humans and animals. So Im not going to be one of those people who is going to fall into that category of my original post.

    Be the change in the world that you want to see.
  11. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    Just because some people like animals more than people doesn't mean we hate people...I feel a better connection with animals than I do people.

    My two best friends in the world are my partner and my cat. Both love me unconditionally and they listen without speaking. Most people can't do that.
  12. Jennasia

    Jennasia Member

    Animals do not have the ability to think logically. They don't sit there and think of ways to trick us out of the last piece of meat on the table. They're opportunists, it's an instinct of survival born in all of us.

    A lion kills because that's what lions do, it is in their nature. He doesn't look back with feelings of guilt or regret. My point is, yes, they kill people and that is wrong but for the lion it is not wrong, he's just being a lion and can't be blamed for acting like one.

    Animals are constantly in battle for dominance because they have their own system of hierarchy. They don't do it to outsmart each other or out of cruelty to one another. That's not their purpose, it's what nature has dictated for the entire animal kingdom and again they're just acting on instinct.
  13. Jennasia

    Jennasia Member

    I quite agree. I can't date a guy who has no respect for animals. I don't expect him to share my feelings about it but he has to respect them as living, breathing, feeling beings that have as much right to our earth as we do. I love a man who is kind to animals, I always feel like he is kind in his heart.
  14. 1CrazyDiamond

    1CrazyDiamond Member

    Cosmic how about you do a list of the bad traits of humans verses bad traits of animals
    Then you mite see why it is hard work to love our fellow humans.
  15. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    I choose a man or freind on how they treat other humans.....
  16. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I'd go by both ... along with children, womyn, friends etc.
    If you can cover all those bases then that's true kindness. Being good to one or two isn't worth anything much if he shows rudeness/cruelty to any of the others.
  17. DQ Veg


  18. Didnt you read any of my posts? Im talking about EXTREME ANIMAL PEOPLE that treat other people with disgust.
    Are some people on here that narrow to think that I have state every single little thing in BOLD letters over and over. Of course I know human flaws are off the charts compared to animals. I have already said that.
    And Of course Im not undermining the relationship we have with our animal companions!
  19. Sorry, I still disagree with you. Reptiles may fall into your broad sweep of labeling animals but even rats have the ability to think logically.
    They dont have a large brain like we do(larger brain more problems[​IMG]) but that doesnt mean that they dont learn things, and actually think. What about the lion that learned to play dead so he could eat vultures?
    So whats your argument, animals are pure of heart and just slaves to their instincts?
    Hmmm, I thought the animal rights movement was trying to show people that animals are MORE than instinct. And thats what I personally believe.

    So tell me how did the leaf cutter ant at one point figure out to cut leaves off a certain tree, bring them to its colony, and grow a sweet and delicious fungus. And how did all the other ants learn until it evolved into them?

    There is a big difference between a bacteria and a horse.
  20. So true! And that is what Im trying to express.

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