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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cricketlind, May 10, 2007.

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    If you are a hardcore solitaire fan check out PysolFC at
    There are versions for Linux, Windows and Mac. It is kick-ass. You can add a music folder and add all your favorite mp3's and jam while you play. It includes a hefty Mahjonng suite as well as almost every version of the game known to man and few that gotta be from off-world. The previous release was buggy as hell. But now they have got it fixed. Good for wasting all the time you like and maybe some you don't. It also comes with a program to design your own cardsets. So you can play naughty or nice.

    I know solitaire is not a gamers game. But some of us like to waste time the old fashioned way. Though the computer won't let you cheat and the cards don't get stuck together with whatever you are munching on. Just your mouse these days. Hey, I am an OLD hippie chick.

    Peace, Cricket

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