sodium hydroxide and surfacants? I need help plz

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by Whoyoucantsee, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Whoyoucantsee

    Whoyoucantsee Member

    i would like to know if i am able to use this form of sodium hydroxide safley with my DMT and LSA extractions requiring the use of sodium hydroxide. are surfacants a problem? do i need pure crystal of NaOh?


    This stuff is at the dollar store and i was hoping i could use it, w/o the hassle of getting carded to buy it at ACE or HomeDepot.
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    Traditionally an acid-base extraction is used. The root bark is powdered and acidified to around pH 3, usually with HCl. The liquid is filtered off or decanted and the process repeated three times. The collected liquid is then basified to around pH 10 with NaOH and extracted with a non-polar solvent, usually at least three times - shaken, not stirred! The DMT freebase is highly soluble in the non-polar but virtually insoluble in the aqueous phase, so the non-polar is separated off and evaporated to give a crude extract. This extract can be purified for smoking, although smoking or snorting DMT is not recommended as it is very irritating to the mucous membranes, due to its alkalinity. (Heptane can be used for crystallisation and is available in the US as Bestine, a rubber cement thinner). The crude extract is quite adequate for oral use however so the heptane stage is omitted here. In practice the acidification stage can be omitted and it can be basified to far beyond pH 10, which helps to get a good partition without any emulsion, and saves using a pH meter. DMT is highly soluble in naphtha at 60 ºC (DMT boils at 67-68 ºC) but virtually insoluble below zero, so the naphtha can be recycled and the precipitate dried rapidly. The crystals below are produced by evaporation. The freezing method yields a powder (in Rizla paper below) which is less sticky and a paler yellow than the crystals, but probably of higher purity and considerably quicker and cheaper to produce.

    Chemicals and Equipment

    Deionised Water (from any car accessory shop)
    Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda - for unblocking drains from DIY stores)<<<<< I think so..

    Naphtha (petrol lighter fluid)

    Surfactants are wetting agents that lower the surface tension of a liquid, allowing easier spreading, and lower the interfacial tension between two liquids.
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    Well if it is some form of liquid you would be better off not messing with it.I at least wouldn't even think about it.

    I doubt you could obtain the necessary concentration if it was liquid and you would end up smoking all kinds of additives,like coloring agents.

    Lab grade sodium hydroxide pellets would be best.Then there is the solid drain cleaner.

    Anybody know if the solid drain cleaner contains aluminum shreddings?Would be some bad stuff to ingest if so,even indirectly.
  4. I wouldnt use that stuff man. Only becuase I found 100% pure NaOH on the label. Orison has got a good idea about the a/b outlined. Man if you want to trip on LSA try this recipe:

    The Original HBWRS Recipe

    1) Peel the fuzzy outer covering off of your seeds.
    2) Grind in a coffee grinder into a fine powder.
    3) Let soak in a few tablespoons of pure lime juice for 30 minutes in a decent sized drinking glass, mixing every 10 minutes.
    4) After 30 minutes, mix the lime juice with a good amount of orange juice.
    5) The last mouthful will be a lot of the hard, ground up powder. You can opt to chew it, but none of us did, we all chugged it, and tripped fine.

    Within 20 minutes, you'll begin to feel the onset of the trip. It'll come on hard, and you'll be already be tripping before the nausea has a chance to kick in [or perhaps the lime juice killed the nauseating chemicals?]. Either way, you won't feel sick. I advise having some cannabis handy in case you do, as individual results/seeds/bodytypes vary.

    I've done this and it worked fine.
    Take a poland spring bottle, put some lime juice in it.
    Have your pre-crushed seeds.
    Mix powdered seeds into lime juice. Let sit in bottle.
    Fill with juice.

    Edit: Another thing I wanted to add to this thread. After I drank about 10 beers one day I forgot I had plans to trip with my friend, so we did the seeds anyway. We puked. We puked bad. 1) Don't mix alcohol and these and 2) since then, I've become completely grossed out with having chunks in the mixture and having to swallow them. The last time I tripped, I filtered the mixture through cloth and got all of the chunks/non-powdered seeds out, and still tripped as hard as I would have had I swallowed the chunks.
    Glad you had fun.

    Out of 250 seeds over a couple week span, a few friends and I only had a few people vomit. One time was when someone drank mine (22 seeds) instead of her's (8 seeds), and when my other friend thought doing 30 would be a good idea.
    For anyone: I highly recommend doing low amounts at first, 5-8, and then building your way up from there.
    I haven't puked yet.
  5. But If I was you, The crytalization of some LSA hcl on the hip would be tight. We need the a/b extraction to pioneer the movement. LSA extract has been limited to a naptha wash with an ethanol extraction. I do not agree with this method not only in theory but in practice. It never worked for me. The recipe outlined above gave me a twist on a revised recipe which was nothing short of a true miracle. If you can actually get crystals then you could experiment with disolving the extract in peppermint oil to test for the LSH effect. This is the last test needed to solve the myth. Or a good quantity could be used to convert LSA to LSD. Providing you invest into the work.
  6. dan500

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    NEVER use commercial preps of sod hydroxide
    Always buy pure lye from a soapmaking store!

    trust me
  7. Whoyoucantsee

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    its a clear liquid, doesnt smell to much. slippery to the touch. mght be a mix of h20 and naoh and surficants unknown.
  8. klondike_bar

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    hold on, you TOUCHED it? if there was a substancial amount of hydroxide in there, it would probably been quite harmful to make contact with. (i think)
  9. Whoyoucantsee

    Whoyoucantsee Member

    I know the bottle says its can burn on contact, but ive worked with highly caustic chemicals before, hardcore degreasers that used to eat thru latex and yellow rubber gloves. im guesing the surficants are what is mixed with the water to make the liquid 'wetter'.

    damn if i ever get around to it, i will just get naoh crystals....
  10. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i collected a concentrated (~25%) solution by boiling down some 5% sodium hydroxide solution used in pool testing.
  11. Whoyoucantsee

    Whoyoucantsee Member


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