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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by whatthef, Apr 28, 2007.

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    That I find very frustrating.

    Okay, I've known the guy for like three years. Earlier on in the relationship, he's always told me how much he loved me soo mich, make out get married to me, etc. We've met, but we mostly talked over the internet or on the phone since he's now going to school in another state.

    But then after a while, he suddenly turns "straight" and stops talking to me like he did in the past. So, we get into an arguement one day and he tells me he is straight. So, I ask him why he told me he loved me like more than friends, etc. in the past, but he couldn't answer. So I ignored it.

    Okay, after another year of him dropping some more hints "I want to be with you" he suddenly stops again. So we recently got into a fight and I asked him if he was gay and he's like "No, I'm not gay, I like this girl named ___". In addition to that sounding so weird and forced, I'm like WTF?

    I give up with him!! Do straight people talk to other guys like that or am I just going crazy? Seriously, I give up on him but I want to know what you guys think. Is he just in denial?

    By the way he's 18 years old. Does anyone know what could be up? Has anyone here denied their own feelings at that age? I'm curious. What do you think of the situation?

  2. pianoperson60

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    He could be trying to ignore his sexuality.
    In any case, theres not much you can do unfortunately, but wait until he's straightened things out in his head. Just be supportive of him.
  3. KewlDewd66

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    Dude, he is an opportunist.

    Whenever alone (like w/o a GF), he wants you and he is into you. Once he gets a GF, you seem to be just a friend...

    You did well. Forget the dude and move on. You have a life to live and no time to waste on lame guys and their lame problems...

  4. *Andy*

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    I think your friend is either a moron or under enormous amounts of peer pressure. Maybe he is feeling confused because the new school he is at is extremely homophobic. KewlDude makes a good point too.

    Just move on. As hard as it is, the guy clearly is quite stupid (emotionally).
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    Sounds real familiar; something very similar happened to me- and it was my first boyfriend, too. :(

    Whatever the reason for his sudden reversal, he needs to do a little growing up. Whether you decide to be present and supportive or to step back from him is up to you. While I would suggest you support him as much as he allows you to (as I wish I had done in my own similar circumstance) the choice is yours to make. Learn what you can, apply it to your life as needed and find someone a little more sure of himself.
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    whoa thats weird
  7. hellahellalame

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    its happened to me sort of...
    i reaaaly liked this kid and we met on myspace and later found out we shared like almost all the same friends and somehow never met.. anyway so we hung out and he said i was cute and stuff and so i figured cool lets hang out again.. he started drinking almost everyday and getting high all the time and then randomly decides hes straight and i havnt talked to him since... he like ignores me... and now i just dont know.... but he is so totally like hardcore gay...

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