So The Hospital Dreads are DONE!!! (warning big pics)

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by abseeley, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    Hey everyone rememeber me! I was supposed to be in the hospital for another 12 weeks on account of an eating disorder but I got out last week because I felt I could recover better at home. So I did all my dreads myself with some shotty wide toothed comb so they arent that good, but I love them personally! I only waxed them once because I had to go swimming with my buds so they had to be saved somehow, I live in Ontario Canada and it was bloody cold swimming PS. But as I promised heres some shotty pics!



    So right now my hair looks little bit wiggity wack! My plan is to get some fun junk in there today, as tommorow I go back to school for the first time in almost 3 months and I havnt seen or even told any of my friends about my dready fun! So I've got to look good even though my dreadskies are only a week or so old.

    I had some elastics on the tips, because some are like falling apart a little bit, which is no good!

    I go back to the hospital on thursday, and I have a very strong feeling I will get re-admitted, because im not doing so hot. Oh well you gotta take what life gives you, and in a strange way dreads really saved my life. Dreads were my answer to suicide, and they are doing a great job of making life great! I wouldnt trade them for a anything!

    Thanks everyone here for all your support and helpful tips all throughout the process!
  2. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    Hmm as I go to do some wraps I realize all I know is they look good! Bahaha; Can anyone give me the lowdown on doing wraps and sticking fun junk and trinkets dans le hair? I would really appreciate a tutorial on wraps of some sort if there was one already out there.
  3. wraps are just that. a wrap. all you do it get a long peice of whatever string you choose and tie it around your dread lock. you can make it super tight by knotting iit everytime or juust wrap it around. and tie it at the begining and end.
  4. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    Oh super! Thanks!
  5. dready_kolo

    dready_kolo Banned

    They look great on you!
  6. HippieAdrien

    HippieAdrien Member

    yeah, man. those are some groovy locks
  7. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    looking great so far! it will be fun to watch them mature :)
  8. amethystrse

    amethystrse Member

    HAHA I started my dreads in the hospital but they didn't take because my hair is so fine so I redid them when I got out. (I was in for bipolar) In a time where my life is utterly chaotic the dreads have given me something else to focus on. Weird how knotted hair can save you! lol

    Anyways, good luck!

  9. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    Haha yah dreads are definitely keeping me going right now, and keeping me on track with recovery... every time I think about not eating I just do something with my dreads while I eat and its enough of a distraction. I think theres a slight chance I might be bi-polar :( what were your symptoms?
  10. oilymoily

    oilymoily Banned

    you look really good... I hope life turns out beautifully for you. blessings :)

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