so if everyone with a belly button is rainbow,,

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by hippiehillbilly, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    is it wrong to ponder cutting someones out so as to be true to the definition,,making sure they aint never again considered rainbow??

    hehheeheh,, sorry i been in babylon extraordinare all day..
  2. hmmm ,, good idea,, get me some pliers and a hot stick,,lol,, I'd like to do a belly button extraction on my husband for being such a prick lately,, hmmm then again,, thatd make me an asshole too,, then again,, i think i could live with being an asshole,,lol
  3. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    hehehhehehehe,, tis all good sister..

    dilligaf spent 20 minutes tryin to get adrian thru security today,,while i plaid lighter farie in the smokin hole at the airport,, that turned into a extra hour because well dilli had to go back an blah blah,,..

    man i prefer new construction jobsites an woods..

    fucka buncha babylon..


    unless they made cuttin out belly buttons legal..


    no,, serious, kidding,, been a long few days..

    luv n light...
  4. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    I knew a woman who pulled a boiling pot of water on herself (uses a chair and was warming a bottle for a grandbaby). the resulting scars and urgeries removed her navel.
    Would she have been Rainbow if she desired?
  5. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    not if she worked at the atlanta airport.. ;)
  6. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    I thought is was anybody with an asshole...
  7. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    far out then im double rainbow cause i got one an am one.. :p

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