so i was in art today..

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by short-man420, May 9, 2007.

  1. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    ..and i'm doing a portrait of Dr. Timothy Leary for one of my projects

    i go to the computers, print off my picture and bring it back to class so the teacher can enlarge it

    she goes and gets it enlarged with a bunch of other students' pictures and when she comes back she hands me my enlargement and asks "i assume that you know who Timothy Leary is?"

    and i say "yes"

    and as she walked away she was like "oh my" in that kinda tone like "great, i'm in for something"

    i laughed so hard
  2. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

    Timothy leary in school is bad m-kay
  3. Lol once i was cutting out a pic of Aerosmith and this helper teacher that iv never even seen before comes up to me and says in an annoyed voice "Aerosmith? Do u even know who they are?" and im like "Well YEH! They'r one of my favourite bands!" and shes like "oh...really..." and walks away, making a face like she doesnt believe me lmao.
    this post didnt have much to do with wot the threads about i dont think, lol oh well
  4. Lol and i just remembered i was drawing a picture of Jim Morrisson in form assembly and afterwards i was talking to my art teacher and my form teacher came and metioned that she saw my drawing and that it was good. I thanked her and she added "Wot was his name again? Jimi Hendrix?" lol i thought it was pretty funny haha
    love jane
  5. Lady Neko

    Lady Neko Member

    that is so cool. i had the opposite reaction in high school. though i was not very popular everyone or most new that i was a total beatle fan. when i did art projects the teachers thought it was cool. and this was in fayetteville,nc...the most un-hip capital of the state.
  6. Lol yeh some of the students in my yr level know what im into, the bands n everything. But most of the others just think im some weird girl that dresses weird when its free dress day and has lots of badges lol. Oh and thats drawing all the time =]

  7. yah, i guess a lot of kids don't know anything about where rock music came from. they're just stuck in the pop music of today.
    like, last week i, i met this girl and she was saying how much she loved music and rock and roll, then she was like, yah...i went to an avril lavign concert and i said cool, and told her i went to see dylan...she hadn't ever heard of him. It was shocking! like who the fuck hasn'y heard of bob dylan? maybe thats why older people are so surprised that some younger people don't know anything about music...because theres a bunch of twats who don't know who the masters are
  8. L.A.Matthews

    L.A.Matthews Senior Member

    I was friends with everyone in my comprehensive school; kind of like the popular hippie. Although my English teacher hated me, but I thought he was cool - I just had a bad attitude...Still do.
  9. lol,yah you do but i've gotten used to it. meh , its who you are
  10. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    as wierd as it sounds...i was actually one of my classes art projects.

    she picked out different kids from each of her classes and put them into different genres. i was put into the '60s category and i was used as an image from that period in time and drawn by the whole class. i didnt like how she picked me out like that but it was a pretty cool project.

  11. Lol Box Of Rain, id pick u too! UR GORGEOUS!!!

    ^^ there are so many kids at school exactly like that. They don't even want to learn about where rock music came from either. And they think that if its older than 10 yrs its not cool anymore. Gosh, well i guess its their loss.

  12. Lady Neko

    Lady Neko Member

    that is sad. my sister is 21 and digs all the new stuff some 80's mixed in. But mostly My Chemical Romance and such. She jerks around with me about Dylan, the Dead, ect...thinks its stupid. But whatever. I'm into it.
  13. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    thank you so much JaneJimMorrisonFan!

    you are so beautiful too :)
  14. The_Moroccan_Raccoon

    The_Moroccan_Raccoon Senior Member

    My brothers middle school yearbook has a page for each graduating student, cause its a small (very religious Jewish) school (with really conservative values)...and the student got to design what they wanted on it...

    My brother the 13 year old decided to put a big picture of Timothy Leary on it, as well as John Lennon, and the Grateful Dead..he may have put a mushroom on there too...I don't remember..the school had no idea what he was doing ahaha
  15. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    haha that's so awesome

    for my graduating quote i'm either gunna use something by Leary, a line from a Grateful Dead song (probly not 'what a long strange trip it's been' cuz that's cliche) or "to fall in hell or soar angelic you need a pinch of psychedelics"
  16. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    ^that's a good one, i never even thought of that

    kudos for using it in a class discussion too
  17. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    we never get into good enough discussions in any of my classes for me to pull out a quote

    but i did stump my science teacher when he was denying aliens
    he's like "what would they have to benefit from coming to Earth?"
    and i asked right back "what benefit did we get from going to the moon?"
  18. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    and now once a month we have 'conspiracy day' where the whole class is just an open debate on whether or not certain conspiracies are true or false

    and of course i'm usually baked for that class, so it makes for an interesting afternoon
  19. Awsum!!! we dont get to have a yrbook quote wen we finish school =[ we just get to pose anyway we want for the foto lol.
    and Short-Man420 that was a really good comeback for ur teacher
  20. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    yeah, he just kinda 'ignored' it and went on to what we were actually supposed to be doing lol

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