so i took photos of some of my pictures finally

Discussion in 'Art' started by obnoxiously, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    I really wanna know about that last one

    and seriously, tear them to pieces please! much obliged, man.
  2. opel diamond

    opel diamond burn out

    i think they are amazing.
    especially the last one. you are a great artist imho. :)
  3. I like them. I think you've got a very painterly style.
  4. RobynCB90

    RobynCB90 Member

    I must honestly say that I don't care much for the first 3, as I don't see the 'point' of them.

    However, I do like the last one. I like your use of colour. I don't think you should have cut of his lower legs/feet. It also lacks purpose, but it has potential. But I rather like this one.
  5. honestly, i'm in LOVE with the first one... it gives off a very ancient, earthly vibe in my opinion :D

    the others are very nice too :)
  6. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    oh god, thanks guys :) i honestly couldn't decide if i liked or hated the last one. thank you!!
  7. I think the first and last ones are the best in terms of working as actual compositions. The second and third are a bit more like explorations of colour and tonality.
  8. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    thank for the input, man.
  9. crankyelbow

    crankyelbow Makes Music

    I really like them all.

    They have a certain something... something that says to me "I will paint as I please and love what I do".

    Fine work indeed :)
  10. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    Ah thanks so much, thats so validating, haha
  11. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    It's a fellow deviantartist. Yay!!!

    Yeah, I like them, especially the last one.
  12. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    yes indeed, my username is monsterfilm, what's yours?

    and thanks :)
  13. lostification

    lostification Member

    yay dA :)
    amazing art ^^
  14. lupak

    lupak Member

    i like the last one and is the second one a dragon?
  15. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    thanks very much, and

    sure, it may as well be :p it was going to be all filled in, as a picture of some folded fabric, but i stopped in the middle because it looked cool. so it's totally up to interpretation.
  16. journey man

    journey man Member

    the 1st one -nice.I don't care for the others.Who cares what others think-do what makes you feel good
  17. nice !
    i like the first one the most !
  18. Psy-astrida

    Psy-astrida Member

    You have a nice style..
    Your own style so that makes em pretty awesome :)

    Keep Up!
  19. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    thanks guys :)
  20. malcontent

    malcontent Member

    liked them all

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