so i decided to try codeine agian...BIG MISTAKE

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by bekyboo52, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    hi first i would like to point out that i am not normally such a dumbass... this was tremendously stupid and i have learned 2 valueable life lesons... but we'll get 2 that l8r.

    (btw this may be a long story... idk yet)

    To start off i want to say that I've been somewhat depressed for about 3 weeks now... today when i got home from one of the worst days ever at school i was still somewhere in the middle upset/ frustrated area of my mood. you see if im upset i can hide it very well. i can plaster up a smile and still function. today the first thing that happened when i got back from school was i got beaten up by my younger (by 1 year) brother... for running l8 and forgetting to make his lunch this morning. then i endured the usual post fight bickering between my mother and my brother. i got fed up and took a nap, or tried to. about 5 minutes into my "nap" my sister barges into the room telling me how i shouldn't have forgotten my brothers lunch because now hes swearing at everyone (shes 11). so i appologize. shes happy. then my grandma calls. my great great aunt who is 80 has taken a turn for the worst and is now in intensive care at the hospital. i love my aunt. then to top things off my mom and i get in a gigantic fight about random stuff that doesn't really matter. my mom is very sick and has been for 8 years since she had a stroke during an opperation for a double hernia, that she still has. however, my mom is constantly in pain but her doctor wont perscribe her any painkillers. my mom has a greaet freind who has numerous perscriptions for pain medication for her arthritus that isnt as bad as she tells her doctor. she gives my mom the extra medicine to help. me, being the loser i am, is depressed because the above, and the fact that all my friends and half my family dump their probems on me because apparently i have good listening skills and good advice. this kills me inside to know prblems of everyone and not be able to help. later that night i cant sleep, at all... because of a huge headach that i usually only suffer from during the day. so an idea pops into my head..... earlier that day i stumbled across a 2-3 month old bottle of pills (codiene) my mom had thought she lost forever... i figured and researched that opiates make you happy and tired.... i need to be happy and i need to sleep (this made sense to me) so i like an inbred idiot decide to take all 11 30 mg pills...., this is only my second time ever taking opiates... the first time was 150mg that did nothing at all... so i figure what would double plus do aside from fuck up my liver? about 5-10 minutes later i fell slightly happier but not tired so i decide to wait. and i get itchy as hell. "this is normal" i tell myself, it was but wasnt, suddenly i not only feel nausious but i am shaking uncontrllloably and am very cold and itchy. i stay like this from 11:00 to about 1:00 then idecide (this is just milder btw) to try to sleep thees effects off, i sleep for maybe 45minutes to an hour when i wake up, and feel my face... i was so itchy i cut my face open in my sleep (yeah , i dont look like a crack head now right?)(sry if i offend anybody with the term crackhead) so its about 2:00 now and i cant take a shower for fear of waking up everybody in the house. so rubbing alcohol and washcloth it is. this stings. and i am still shaking though slightly less nausious.... so i just decided to wait it out and atay awake... i am still shaking while i type this and only have very mild nausia, i suppose im only telling you guys this to pass time until school atarts at 8:20.... it is 3 minutes to 6:00 right now and this has taken me over 50 minutes to type... if anybodys on right now...should i go school or call in sick?i feel like crap and look like crap but ill get detention... :(

    oh and the lessons i learned (mentioned at the top) are:
    don't take pills that aren't yours
    dont drastically increase a dose
    only try opiates once ( i said i would in another post... look what not listening to myself got me...)

    and yes i know i'm a retard you don't have to pint it out... and i think i will go to class, worst case scenario is im sent home for vomiting....

    sorry for wasting your time with mindless drivil about the retardations of my life.....
  2. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    I would call in sick and chill for a day, get better and learn from your experiences. You're not a druggie for being curious and experimenting, that's normal.
  3. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    :) thnx... yeah i ended up calling in sick, hence me now posting...
  4. china_white

    china_white Banned

    well first off, the itching was fully normal,
    codeine has one of the highest histamine release of any opiate
    and all that happened is you increased your dose wayyyy to much,
    the od point is around 400mg I believe so 250 is the prime dose (thought the only time i felt anything of codeine was 300mg)
  5. You took to much not good but hopefully you'll learned from your mistakes which from reading your post it seems like you have no matter how down you are be more careful in the future opiates can be very dangerous even the weaker ones to someone with no tolerance
  6. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    .... i'm slightly allergic to antihistamines... are they the same thing as histamines?
  7. china_white

    china_white Banned

    nope antihistamines are what counter the effect of histamines, you just had a codeine itch
    happens to everyone
  8. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    k, i knew that itching was normal... it just hurt :(
  9. weallhumalong

    weallhumalong Member

    well that was fun to read
  10. Morphoxycode1

    Morphoxycode1 Member

    That sucks all that crappy stuff happened. Life is the ultimate "poo-flinging monkey" that never ceases to shower us. Hopefully, things improve. Yeah, taking THAT much codeine was a big mistake! Good thing you didn't down 11 oxys or something stronger than what you had. Back in the days, I used to get a mad itch on my scalp from just 120mgs of codeine! I can't imagine 11 T3's! Did you get stomach cramps from it? I have a script for those for my backache and they mostly just bind up my lower abdomen with sharp pains. Abuse the pill and it will abuse you right back. If you decide to try it again, start smaller! Hopefully, you're feeling better by now. ;)
  11. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    that sucks! ive done shit like this MANY times often with alot worse shit than codeine. Too bad alot of time with drugs we have to learn the hard way. But hey, know you know right
  12. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    Yes, as stated before, taking 11 of a substance that you dont know how it will affect you is a bad idea. Start small, if you ever decide to take this 'adventure' again. You are always able to take more, but you cant take any less. Stay safe.
  13. Euphorial

    Euphorial Member

    The 3300mg of acetaminophen may have caused some nausea/ill feelings.

    330mg of codeine with no tolerance was a terrible idea. You should never double your dose just because you didn't feel much the first time.

    You may have had a great time if you took 210mg or so, but instead you made a pretty big mistake. I feel bad for you, but you really didn't make a good decision. The toxicity of codeine can start as low as 240mg. You went way above that.

    I'd recommend staying away from these drugs, especially since you don't like them (that's a good thing). I you EVER do try ANY drug again, though, please please please do some RESEARCH. I understand that you're only 15, and personally I think that's too young to start experimenting the way that you did, but you've got to stay safe.

    Also keep in mind that 10% of the caucasian race is IMMUNE to the effects of codeine. If you didn't feel anything good that may be the case, but since you felt the itching I don't really know what to say.

    I'm going to post THIS website just in case you get hold of these drugs again, because I really don't want you to get in trouble or be in danger. Also use erowid if you have any questions.

    I'd recommend just staying away from them.

  14. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    first off id like to say that i like to read your posts, you usually sound intelligent. i don't plan on doing it at all anymore but strangely today i felt great.... no ill effects just a "delicate" feeling...

    i realize that it was a stupid idea.... and i'm not normally like that. i also realize that im too young in some peoples eyes. but that is a matter of opinion.

    also i did do some research on it... a couple months ago when i got bored (i generaly learn shitloads when im bored lol) any way thnx for careing about a total stranger :)

  15. yea.. my first time fuckin with Opana was a rough one.. i did a bump.. made my palms sweat and i felt a good buzz.. then it seemed to disappear.. so i did another bump.. was sooooo fucked up.. i could barely see straight.. could barely walk.. threw up like 4 times throughout the night.. oh yea.. fuckin kicked my ass
  16. Ddoright

    Ddoright Senior Member

    For me, codeine sucks - plus 3300 mg of acetaphenomin is well on the way for a fucked up liver. Tell the Dr. codeine makes you feel lousy - that hydrocodone seems to be more effective. He should change the script for you. Love and Peace.
  17. Eagles06

    Eagles06 Member

    The script wasn't hers.

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