So-Called "Cradle-To-Grave" Entitlement's: Positives And Negatives

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  1. AMS351996

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    What are the positives and negatives of so-called "cradle-to-grave" entitlement's?
  2. Irminsul

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    What entitlements are they? Like breathing? Lol.
    Probably get taxed on that in the future.
  3. AMS351996

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    The following:

    -Homing/housing (not shelter and accomodation, which are suppose to be temporary)
    -Education (pre-school, primary/junior school, high/secondary school, tertiary, college/university and home/house schooling)
    -Healthcare (including optical, dental, mental and ambulance)
    -The safety-and-security apparatus:
    -The security-force
    -The police-force/internal military-force
    -The military-force/external police-force
    -Courts (judiciary)
    -Child-care services
    -Elderly-care services
    -Funeral services
    -Other's I can't recall off the top of my mind
  4. M_Ranko

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    There are no negatives, these are all needed to maintain a functional society. Let's see:

    -Welfare: Any country without this usually becomes a festering shithole, with exploding crime rates and riots on the street, as people rage for the inability to support themselves.

    -Homing/housing: Again, helps to keep the population satisfied, and abandoning your people to -20 Celcius (=-4 Fah) weather to suffer without a place to live in is just cruel, and really speaks for the priorities of your leaders.

    -Education: Without this, we would still be burning women at the stake for witchcraft. Helps to ward off ignorance, and creates citizens who can contribute to science and other fields, that help to push the nation forward.

    -Employment: See welfare above. Without this, you'd have penniless people rioting on the streets, and well-paid people will keep society and it's services running.

    -Healthcare: Without this, the employees mentioned above wouldn't be able to function, and the system would collapse, or wouldn't be as effective.

    -Transportation: Keeps people and goods moving. The backbone of all industrialized systems.

    -The safety-and-security apparatus:
    -The security-force
    -The police-force/internal military-force
    -The military-force/external police-force
    -Courts (judiciary): All are needed to maintain peace and order, because people really are so stupid, you have to protect them from others, and from themselves.

    -Child-care services: Well obviously, since women today are expected to, and willing to work too.

    -Elderly-care services: As opposed to what? Tossing them into the tar pits to die past a certain age?

    -Funeral services: As opposed to what? Leaving your dead to rot on the sidewalks? That would get really interesting real fast. You'd have all sorts of diseases spreading around for one.

    Really, what were the negatives again? Other than some people apparently not liking that they have to pay for these most useful services.
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  5. AMS351996

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    I agree with your analysis, except it's who pays? And for what extent? This is why there's constant-and-consistent philosophising-and-moralising in democratic dialogue, whether it's public passive discussion or public passionate debate, to stabilise families-and-communities and ensure prosperity and relative liberty in capitalist economies and in capitalist societies, where top-down political-legal-economic initiated-and-implemented policies-and-programmes reflect compromise, which is common-sense and common-ground, have to be common-place, together, simultaneously at the same time in the same place, other's include food-stuff (s) and water, electricity, pharmaceutical drug's/substances/chemicals, clothing/textiles, hygiene-and-sanitation product's and certain electrical applicances we're become accustomed to (fridges, dish-washers and washing machines)
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