So are hippies still into the LSD!!!

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by WhatKind, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. WhatKind

    WhatKind Member

    Any hippes here into lsd still
  2. i think lsd is wonderful.
    i met Syd Barrett & a green dog in my friends kitchen last time i was on it XD
  3. moopy

    moopy Member

    LSD is great man.
  4. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    discovered many things that i did not imagine possible while on LSD.

    love it.

  5. Chris_mate

    Chris_mate Member

    I saved a butterfly while I was on LSD this weekend, then dances in celebration for 20 minutes !!!
  6. BodyElectric

    BodyElectric Member

    I would be if I could get some.. :cry:
  7. wootier

    wootier Member

    i did acid in this hotel room one time. it was the best time ever, i thought i was the radiator for a period of time. then i sat on it, and it burnt my ass.
  8. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    I haven't done LSD since at least 1980...we took it in Santa Cruz and rode the greyhound to San Francisco, then ended up in Haight Ashbury.There was some big festival that filled up the wholle street.

    Later that evening we hanged with some left-over hippies in the street,then in the park till early morning.

    It was the best trip I've ever had.

    It was loving-- it was intense-- it was deeply communal, and also very spiritual.

    Another incredible trip I remember was in Berkley with a friend, around the campus on graduation day. We laughed our heads off that day. Seeing normal life through the LSD vision can bring some deep insights about how strange people really are.
  9. CloudFlower

    CloudFlower Member

    Hippies and Acid go together like peanut butter and jelly....
  10. Radicalicious

    Radicalicious Member

    I haven't tried it yet, but that could be because I haven't tried extremely persistently to find it. Although, if the opportunity should present itself, I'd like to expand my mind.
  11. Chris_mate

    Chris_mate Member

    I have not taken acid since last saturday and I am already missing the efects of that fantastic square centemeter !!!
  12. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  13. Hari

    Hari Art thou Art

    Hippies and LSD are like cowboys and horses..
  14. yeah i took LSD last year in japan. that was 1 of the best trips i ever took in my life :))

    was on a psychedelic trance festival in tokyo, i took at about 5 in teh afternoon, and the party was finished at 9 that evening, and i partied on till 5 in the morning, every one left the festival terain, and i amnaged to stay there al alone LOl

    there was a ferrywheel that gave light, and iw as comunicating with it :))

    lucky i had my mp3 player with me so all night io listend to my music and comunicating with the ferrywheel,

    what a wonderfull time i had
  15. Chris_mate

    Chris_mate Member

    Music to me is EXTREMELY important during an acid trip !!!!
  16. rainbowedskylover

    rainbowedskylover Senior Member

    can't find it, but i did take mushrooms
  17. acid is one of many ingrediants in my hippie life!
  18. sweettone1221

    sweettone1221 Member

    I took acid at a festival one time where George Clinton was playing. It was AMAZING. They played their heavy funk from 11 pm to 4 am, hundreds of dirty dancing hippies making the earth shake, with a psychedelic light show that was beyond words. I felt as if he was our savior, our giver of life, and just wanted to be as close to him as possible. I made my way until there were only a few people between me and the stage and I completely lost myself. It was intense and amazing and beautiful.
  19. knotdirty

    knotdirty Over the Rainbow

    hehe...hippie/lsd sammich.

    They also like the pot. Those hippies sure are into the narcotics.
  20. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    Yup. Not to brag, but I've done the following, most in combination: LSD DMT DXM 2C-I 2C-A 5-meO-DMT Methcathinone weed shrooms datura (NOT FUN), and many others I can't remember. Only one I haven't done is PCP. Doesn't sound like a good time at all.
    So yeah, hippies are into the LSD.

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