Snowfall revives ghost of Spain's autocratic past

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    MADRID (Reuters) - [size=-1]Try as you like, it's hard to erase traces of a traumatic past. [/size]


    Spain last year removed giant stone letters that spelt out the slogan "Serve Spain to the Death" on a hillside near a military academy -- a legacy from the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco ,who died in 1975.

    But the slogan, in the northeastern Catalonia region, blazed forth with new visibility this week after snow fell in the area and stayed longer in the cavities where the stone letters used to lie than on the surrounding, ground, covered in vegetation.

    "Until vegetation grows back on the ground where the letters used to be, you'll be able to see the words, especially if you know what was there before. It's true that with the snow, it's much easier to see," said a colonel at the academy.


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